Monday, 26 January 2009

20 Under $20 - Perth's Best Eats

Over dinner last Friday, Anh and I discovered our friends are going through some pretty intensive physical training to lose weight this year. That is their mission for this year they said.

Personal trainers, daily gym sessions and Kokoda Track runs. They even have weekly 'weigh-ins' with financial penalties!

I was sweating just listening to their stories.

Thankfully, Anh and I have embarked on a far less sadistic mission for this year.
In fact, its one that is gastronomically more enjoyable :)

Anh and I have decided to do a 'journalistic' check of the 20 eateries suggested by Fleur Bainger and give our own personal review on each.

Our credentials include me being an absolute cheapskate (so I can vouch for the under $20 value-ness of meals) and my girlfriend being a constant fussy pants (so if she likes it, then they must be doing something right).

The list is below and I'll link each restaurant as we go along. If you guys have personal experiences on these restaurants, let me know and I'll post it on the reviews too.
Journalistic work at its tastiest!


Mesha said...

Sparrows - Hmm. It was ok. I wouldn't say fabulous. I wonder how it made it to the top 3 though.

Takas - Not a fan.

Ninniku Jip - is that the one in Vic Park? That was good. Had my friend's hen's party there and the food tasted great.

Will said...

Now that you mention it, I don't think there's suppose to be a ranking. Just 20 places. Ill change the post on my next edit.

Have you been to Sunday's in Myaree? Probably the best value, budget Jap place ever. Hehehehe.

We'll give Ninniku Jip a go next time :)

Mesha said...

Ah ok. I thought that was what it was ranked by the order! I was like "Sparrow's at No.3?? It isn't THAT good!".

Ok. Maybe I lied a bit. I can't say Ninniku Jip is "fantastic" but I liked what i ordered. So my friend's friend. Depends on what you order I guess.

Anonymous said...

niniku jip is too pricey for its location

toto is a few blocks down and much much better... yes i know one is korean/jap and the other is viet...

best jap in perth - secret place in langford, shhh...