Wednesday, 29 December 2010

End of 2010

I can't wait for 2010 to end. 

Not that it will alleviate the mess thats happened at work - the crazy series of events that's left me stressed and tired all the past few weeks. :(

2011 brings the promise of new and wonderful things which I'm hoping will just clear my head of work stuff. 
Perhaps the two weeks holiday beginning New Years Day will do.

Stress - get out of my head and get into my belly (when I start eating heaps in Hong Kong)!!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Bye Mazda. Zoom Zoomed.

I'm selling my car.

My Mazda baby.
The Mazda is the second car I've ever owned and I've been very happy with her (unlike the horrible Chrysler).

I've had so many good memories with the Mazda and I'm very glad I had the oppurtunity to zoom zoom around in her.

Mazda Defensive Driving Course

I do feel a tad guilty selling her (it feels like I'm betraying the good memories) but it needs to be done.

Definitely some of my happiest memories are with the Mazda.  I took Anh on our first date on the Mazda.

Anh and I, on our way skydiving.

And we've had lots of deep and meaningful convo's whilst cruisin' around in the 3.  We've gone to many places (and plenty of drive-thrus).

I remember sticking hearts on the windows of the Mazda on our first valentines date.

I've also driven my family and friends in the 3.

I remember one special night when a cup of KFC gravy poured out of the bag into the passenger seat and floor.

For days my car smelt like KFC Gravy.

It was heaven!

The Mazda Cruise.

The Mazda was my work horse when I built my house.  She carried tiles and paint and buckets and bricks.  

But my car has also seen some bad times.

Like when it was vandalised and scratched.

And then there was the incident when someone did a hit and run.

Most scary was just this year when the plaster board hit my car.  The road was not the only place which had skidmarks when that happened!  Scary stuff.

Bur regardless of all the bad things, I'm most grateful to my car for always bringing me and my passengers there and home safely.

The Mazda got me to Geraldton and back many times.

I hope that the next 95,000 kms my mazda travels will be as memorable as the previous 95k.

Safe drivings Mazda.

Zoom zoom.