Thursday, 29 July 2010



That's pretty all you can say after watching Inception.

I think its to the sheer disbelief on how MIND BOGGLING the experience was.

If you can stay with the story you'd be rewarded to one of cinematic's best finishes - ever.   If you haven't seen it yet, do it.

Most definitely buying this movie to add to my collection.


I'm not liking my lack of blog updates.  :(

This is partly because I haven't been taking that much pictures and I really don't like posting blogs without pictures (its worth 1000 words!!).

Anh's has been steaming ahead with wedding preparation, where I seem to have lost my momentum.  I'm chipping away at various things, but my failure to make one wedding invite would prove that the more delicate stuff is better left with the skilled one.   So rather than doing wedding stuff I'm doing other things like playing games, watching youtube or blogging!  Hehehe  I know Anh secretly hates me for this hehehehe.

Speaking of games. I just finished Mirror's Edge.   And wow, what a ride that was.

Check out the preview to see whats its like (Mario eat your heart out!).

I really enjoyed it.  Partly because I only paid $4 for it, but more so because of the unique style which I liked. The sharp bright colours just burns straight to my brain and I can't help but remember this game everytime I look at the city scape with blue skies.  And its kinda a thinking game - different from the hack and slash or point and shoot sort of games I've been hammering - so it was a welcome change.

You know when people start leaning left and right when their driving in a video game? You get that alot with Mirror 's Edge.  Only its more the leaning forward and back because you're hoping you don't fall after the 10 metre jump to next building's drain pipe.    Hahaha - Many times I found my self scrambling around the keyboard because I'm trying to hold on to something.

Great soundtrack too.

January 2011

Its coming.

Friday, 16 July 2010


There is no secret that Anh loves pugs.  She's been loving pugs since Milo and Otis.

And I think she even loves the pug in Men in Black. *shakes head*

When I first heard about the pugs I was worried. 

I mean these dogs look funny (they look like they've been dropped on their face).  And those eyes!! They look like they will pop out (apparently they do if you're not careful!)

But you know what.  

After years of her talking about them and showing me pictures and having a pug calendar at work, I've finally grown to like the little suckers.  

Up to a point that I'd be very happy to have one.   


Advertisement:  Cute Pug Puppies...PAIR AVAILABLE
Anh and I jumped at the online ad for a pair of pug puppies.

The advertiser, Kim (, says that she's moved to Darwin and want to give her dogs because her new job and lifestyle wouldn't let her take care of them.  

She doesn't want money for her dogs, just for the new owners love and care for them and pay for the shipping costs.

We asked her to send pictures of the puppies and she sent these.

Doesn't that just make your heart melt?

We were so excited! We emailed Kim immediately and told her we'll take good care of the babies and that she has ABSOLUTELY nothing to worry about.  

Kim emailed:
hello once more,
  thanks for your interest i really do appreciate as the babies will
have  a loving home with you. I need a word of assurance from you as
to how you will take care of them like your own pets.I am giving them
out to loving and caring home.As i earlier  told you i moved  because
 i had a new job and  the weather here in  DARWIN  does not favor the pups.
they have all shots and all papers  ready. i am very happy you want the pups delivered to your home and i hope and pray you will  take good care of them..
    i am  giving these pups only to good homes and  all you will be doing is getting them transported to your home. i.e you will be handling the delivery  charges with the  pet delivery firm  directly and they will transport the puppies to your door steps 

Anh and I then spent the whole day dreaming about our future babies.  

They'll be so cute running around the yard and in the house.  They'll be eating our furniture and peeing on our floors but we'll love them all the same.

We even named them.

But then we got word that it sounded too good to be a true and that it might be a scam.  We needed to be careful.   

We were in denial at first because we were so caught up with having a pair of fur ball puppies.  It didn't occur to us that we were being taken for a ride.  

And sadly enough, a quick Google search saw many stories of people being conned when buying pets.  


Anh got a call the next day from an unknown number saying she just got an email about the dog shipment.  The male caller wouldn't give his name and insisted we check our email about the dog shipping. 

The dog shipping email was in fact asking us to transfer money into a Cameroon account.

It was a scam.


Anh and I were so heart broken. 

We reported the incident to Scamwatch, but that didn't take away the betrayal and hurt we felt.  It was all a lie.  They used pugs to lie.  

How could they be so cruel?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Halftime 2010

We're more than halfway through 2010 and pressure is starting to build up!

Wedding pressure that is! Wedding in 2 months!  Thankfully the World Cup has been a good distraction from time to time (I hope Netherlands win!).

Around this time last year I was buying an engagement ring.  I wasn't exactly thinking about wedding and stuff.  I thought maybe she'd say yes and thats it - we're married, no weddings required. Lolz.  Anyways, all is progressing along well in the wedding front.  We've being doing this and that.  And with no more holidays to break our stride it looks like its full steam ahead!

Speaking of holidays - my whole family has left me this month of July.  They're all somewhere in Europe enjoying pizzas and bagels leaving Anh and myself to look after their dogs and cats and plants, cars and houses! They better bring back something good for me!  Like souveners or a european car. Hehehe.