Monday, 28 July 2008


Three separate sickies in one month.

This has to be my slackest sickest month in my working career.... ever.

New to me this month are back pains. Damn I'm getting old! I had to see a physio! Thankfully there was nothing serious.

Twice I stayed at home due to the cold cold weather and me being stupid and not wearing something warm. Thus cold/flu/fever.

And as much as I'd prefer to stay at home, it wasn't particularly nice coughing up green blobs this morning.

Now I've seen worse times, but the radio ads are telling me to stay at home if I have the flu. Just in case I infect someone and it cascades over to thousands of people.

Plus the admin lady said I had heaps of sick leave left.
Yey for the sick leave.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Japanese Food Tripping Again

I really wanted to post my Melbourne photos up. But I realised I haven't finished posting Japanese stuff!!!

One trip at a time they always say.

So pardon the delayed Japan trip photos, but I really wanted to put these up - weird and wonderful japanese food stuffs :P

Japanese cakes are DA BOMB! They look so good you don't know if you're suppose to eat them or put it on your head

Pikachu meals. Food for legendary trainers.

Manneken waffles. The Krispy Kremes of waffles.

Speaking of donuts, the Japanese are really big on donuts. These are Dean and Deluca donuts. Donut Factory donuts are also awesomenesses. But Krispy Kremes... OMG... the Japs are (do)nuts about them!

Its like an amusement park line - complete with estimated time before order!

Tokyo Bananas. I love this bananishy yumminess.

They have black eggs bathed Sulfur. They really need Hello Kitty to sell these.

Thirsty? Have a dorink!!!

Soup-in-a-can, warm and chunky!

Snoopy pork buns!

And after eating all of this, it all goes here anyways.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Sleeping around (and the crazy Pussy)

1) Kung-Fu Panda
2) Jean Claude Patisserie
3) Miss Gold Digger

After about an hour of seeing Guild war characters parade in head, I finally got some sleep last night.

Nothing beats sleeping in your own bed.

I blame it on my nomadic lifestyle.

For the most of this year, I've been sleeping around on other beds. Holidays and staying over at other peoples places. Which is actually quite tiring because I'm never quite settled.

Which doesn't do any good for my already sleep deprived self. The bags are starting to give me that panda look.

The last two weeks saw me house-sitting in Willagee.

Fully equipped (including ADSL2+) and a silver kitchen to boot, I thought this was going to be a great house-sitting job. Closeness to bubble tea was true awesomeness.

The trucks chugging down Leach Highway and Stock road was not so awesomeness.

Another not-so awesome thing was the house cat.

You see, I've never been fond of cats. Our past neighbors had cats. It ate the birds while they played in the bird bath. Sometimes the cat sleeps on the hood of our car, scratching the paint at the same time.

In this chapter, I had a cat-mate named Diesel.

Diesel aka 'Crazy Cat'

Diesel, loved meowing all night long. He followed me everywhere I went which was nice... until I needed to go to the toilet and he's still there by my side (the thought of the cat going for my bird did cross my mind).

And he loves sitting on my lap... and clawing my thighs at the same time.

The more I pull, the deeper the claws dig.
I think he bore holes on two work pants.

There was one night when his claws came inches from a very sensitive spot.

Having no intentions of having my testicles skewered by the cat, I lock him outside when I'm in the computer room.

One night I emerged out of the room to find my mobile phone (which I dismantle earlier) on the floor and bits scattered everywhere.

No where to be found was the sim card.

The crazy cat is highly suspect.

Maybe if I call my sim card, the cat might start ringing.