Friday, 30 November 2007

Job Descriptions

1) Utopia in Myaree – they have cakes!! Yakitate Japan style!
2) Ministry of Sound Annual 2008 – Disc 3
3) C&C3 – love them cheesy actors

"So, what exactly do you do? I mean, you told me where you work, but what exactly do you do there?"

For this question I have two pre-made answers.

One I call is ‘Wooooooo’ answer.

Purposely designed with an even use of corporate terms and technical jargon and eight syllable words. Wow - is the usual response. Of course it’s the answer made to impress.

Then there’s the ‘Oooooow’ answer.

The overly over-simplified version of my job. I tell them I’m in front of the PC, make phone calls, go to meetings and do paperwork.

The same way Bill Gates or this guy or this guy can say the same thing when they over simply their job descriptions.

Now I'm not saying I'm in the same level as these top dogs - but if were talking casually, there's no need to get to the nitty gritty of things.

Yet for soooome stooopidly unknown reason, I always find people who take my overly over simplified explanation seriously.

‘So you’re a _____?’

Which in my mind is the same occupational level as mould and the crusty bits on public toilet seats.

I feel like slapping them with a trout.

Maybe I should just say I’m a prostitute. Because really, I use my time and body to get paid.

But sheeze, even prostitutes are better than mould and crusty bits on toilet seats.

Friday, 23 November 2007

2008 Soy MyFacester & the new PC

3 Willings
1) Four Seasons BBQ - Barrack Street
2) Naruto Shippuden
3) Zelda: Phantom Hourglass


My brother, in all of his forgetful glory, has mixed up the names of social networking sites and has come up with a great new idea.

Introducing - G-MyFacester (pronounce - Gee, Mai feys-stir)

It combines Gmail, MySpace, Facebook and Friendster into an all-in-one multi-facet social networking page.

It checks everyone's account and with keeps in touch of ALL your friends in ALL of their networking sites. Pretty cool huh.

I’m sure someone's eventually going to do it.

But yeah, you heard about it here first :)

Soy Capitan

I went pale last night when I discovered the bottle of soy sauce in the back of my car spilled all over the boot.

Luckily I had a plastic boot liner so the damage was minimal.
But I still spent an hour or so scrubbing the back trying to get rid of the soy smell.

No wonder I've been thinking chicken rice the whole day.This pic has nothing to do with this post. But I think its amusing. Taken from here.

2008 Year of the Travel

A lot of the people I know are travelling next year. Travel bugs everywhere! Woot! Wooot!

And with the local budget airlines giving away cheap tickets, there's really no excuse to not have a holiday.

Merry Vista.

My parents were very surprised last night when they walked into their room to find a brand spanking new desktop computer!

Its sooo sexy.

It’s black with silver frames. It’s got so many USB ports and blue LED thingy jiggys. Plus it had big widescreen LCD to watch Jumong on.

Damn s3xy!!

My mom was almost in tears.
Dad's very happy too. He couldn't wait to start surfing!

For years they've been using the pass-me down computers (stripped of the memory modules because I kept those for meself..)

That’s sounds really mean, but they weren't really THAT into computers and teh intraweb. We'll.. that’s how I justified giving them turtle PCs anyhows.

When their turtle PC went up in smokes (literally), they needed a new computer. Dad was asking about a new one, but I told him I could get him another old box from someone I knew.

There was this sad expression on his face. But he knew I just wanted to save some money and agreed.


*light bulb*


So my parents are now the happy owners of a dual core system. Who would have thought they'd own the most testically charged PC in the house.

I just hope I don't find any YouTube videos of them.

Monday, 12 November 2007


We were 250km north of Manila, 1500 meters above sea level. It was 2am in Baguio city.
We were stumbling drunk when we got out of the army barracks where we were staying. We needed some fresh air.
Who would have thought Red horse, bubblegum and watermelon lambanog would make for a very potent mix.

That was the night we saw Aubrey.

My companion looked at me.
"saatin lang `to `kay?" [this stays between us okay?']

I nodded.

"How was your cousin's the buck's night"
"It was alright.."
"And... what?"
*chuckle* "Hehehe. I can't tell.. what happens in a buck's night stays in a buck's night"

I knew it was unfair to snob my girlfriend of the fruity juicy things that happened on my cousin's bucks (stag) night.

But I was just toying with her.

I think its cute when she gets all curious and all.

My cousin's buck night was on a boat. What a prissy way I hold beer.

But honestly, there's nothing really spectacular about that night.

Just the usual debauchery you'd expect when you gather two dozen, twenty-thirty something males add ample alcohol and mix in two half (?) naked blondes.

You can check the videos if you want.

But on that note, I was wondering where couples draw the line on things they tell their partners.

You see, I got an email from a friend. It read,
"dun go telling everyone... keep it down low..."

And suddenly I'm thinking, here's a situation where two different forms of trust (trust with a very close friend and trust with my lovely partner) are coming into conflict.

Cos I love my friends.

And I love my girlfriend.

But is one trust more important than the other?

The river cruise has a throw overboard policy on guys wearing Borat's swimsuit

Let's say hypothetically, I may have done something.
And I made a pact with a friend not to tell anyone.

So as far as everyone in this world is concerned, nothing happened. Well.. not everyone. My friend and I (maybe someone else if they remember) know otherwise.

And if my partner should happen to learn of the things that happened.... well.... it could potentially change things.


So, I'm guessing I should take the 'what she doesn't know won't kill her' approach.

"Bro's before ho's" as put crudely by some guys.

But then once you start hiding things, you're not being honest anymore and that, I know, is a dangerous path to if you want a long, loving, lasting relationship.

Where is that thumb going?

And so my brain goes to fried overdrive.

I need a beer.

And to hold it properly as well.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Justin does Perth

1 - Ha-lu, Leederville
2 - Timbaland feat One Republic - Apologize
3 - God of War

Perth has just gone through a fever.

Justin Timberlake fever.

Mr Timberlake just finished touring the country on his Future Sex Love Show.

And 'damn girl'. This guy was just too awesome!

Justin played the piano.

Justin played the guitar.

Justin turned his groove on.

Anne reckons he looked hot even when drinking water!

I guess if I were a girl ('if' is the key operative word), I'd join the army of hot and bothered girls screaming their heads off for Justin. He was pretty awesome.

Only sign of a guy in this photo is the bald head in the foreground

There were plenty of them hot and bothered girls in the concert.

There were maybe a handful of guys but I'm pretty sure they weren't 100% concentrating on Justin.

My bro said :
"I'd like to do a TUBE on them dancers.."
"Tube? what's a tube?"
"Totally Unnecessary Breast Examination.."


But yeah, Justin would understand. He's pretty casual, cool and laid back.

He even drank tequilla (tokillya') to toast Perth. This was his first time in Perth, second time in Magpie land.

But yeah, great show Mr Timberlake. I knew I bought your jeans for a reason.

Friday, 2 November 2007


1 - Prince of Tennis. Buuuurning!
2 - Pizza I made using the Ultimate Pizza Sauce
3 - Gimme More Lame video, but this song is off the hook!

Probably one of the things I fear the most is going stale.

And I don't mean shrivelled saggy nip-tuck kind of stale, I mean stale - not moving, stagnant kind of stale.

My fridge experiment - I call this piece "untouched tomato"

Being 'stuck in a rut' as they say.

In Jim Thorton's article "You are in Rutsville - Time for a change?" he quotes an experiment where 36 rats were put in three different environment.

The "impoverished" environment put rats in solitary confinement. There was the "standard" environment where the rats share a larger room and there was the "enriched" environment where the rats have a large room with toys and wheels, mazes and ladders - a Disneyland for rats.

A month later the rats' brains were examined and unsurprisingly - the rats in the enriched environment had thicker brain cortex's and the solitary confinement rats had shriveled brains.
The conclusion - activity and stimulation in the brain equals good. Non-activity and stimulation equals shrivelness.

And we all know guys don't like shrivelness.

Lettuce left for long periods start to ferment in their own juices

I put the Inert in Inertia

The last few months that's what I've been feeling.

Stuck in a rut.

I've been caught up in the fanfare of everyone else's affairs, its left me with little time to pursue my own personal endeavours.

Thankfully that time has now passed.

Last time we ate this dish it didn't have cotton on it

Fresh new stuff are on its way.