Monday, 30 June 2008

End of my Financial Will

1) Guildwars
2) Kung-Fu Panda
3) Red Herring
aka as no shopping at all

Browsing through the junkmail cluttering the diner table, my mouth salivates as I read the words "HD LCD TV Sale - get free PS3".
Its that time of the year and there's no denying the endless advertisements to get rid of stock.

"All must clear"

But dreams of shiny toys are just that, dreams.
For me anyways.

I don't' know why, but the rising fuel cost seem to had an effect on me.

Back when I was young , when the peso slipped down from the US dollar, petrol prices went up.

Which in turn cause the price of meat, vegetables and all food to go up.

Which in turn causes services to go up.

And therefore everything goes up.

I think its starting to happen here in Australia. You'll know what I mean when the Big Mac price index goes up.

So maybe thats why I've been a bit cautious with the recent record breaking price rise of petrol.

But not only that, I've been burnt too many times of buying stuff that I don't need. Blame holidays, blame depression, blame it on the rain, blame it on ebay.

But most importantly, one reason to stop spending this time of the year is the evilness that's the taxman.

This phantom menace comes only once a year. But even with the constant barrage of 'tax time' on tv and bus stands, I always seem to fail to save up (because I always get a stupid tax deficit).

But not this year.

I've been waiting for you Mr taxman.

When that bill comes around, I'll be ready. I will whip out my wallet and...




realise that I've done the same thing again this year.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Sentimientos Potatos

1) Flashpoint
2) ATB - Trilogy
3) McEurope

My family loves collecting things.

My grandmother loves collecting junk. Her house has mountains of newspapers, magazines, bottles and scraps of metals. She says she collects them for selling in recycling centers. She even collects orange and mandarin peelings. She says she can turn them to candies or air fresheners.


This is not the kind of magazines my grandma collected. Although I wish she did.

What I'm not a fan of is how she collects cooking oil. Not wanting to throw it away, she re-uses it for yonkers. One time I was cooking and I reached out for this can labeled 'cooking oil' - ithad this thick black liquid that smelt awfully bad. I swear, the cooking oil denatured back to being crude oil. It was really gross.

More stuff that smells bad - fake cologne

My dad follows my grandmother's footsteps in that he collects small little things.

Pen caps, paper clips, blown light bulbs, dead batteries, 8mm screws, magnets from speakers. Small little things are everywhere. One time I was playing around my dad's room, I found a gold tooth! What a find that was.

My sister too is in the collecting business. She's very pro-active about minimising land fill, so she holds on to broken appliances so that she doesn't have to buy new ones (which she says is the cause of over-flowing land fills).

Me, I'm a hoarder of sentimental things.

My good ole mix tapes. Too bad I don't have anything to play this anymore.

If I found sentimental value on anything (which is quite often), I'd most probably keep it forever.

Like ticket stubs to Forrest Gump - coz I loved that movie.

Or an oddly shaped piece of plastic a classmate gave me back in high school - because I thought 'it was cool'.

My very first bank card, library card, gym card. I even have my ID badge from year 7 camp.

If I had the chance to keep my first used diaper - I think I would have.

One of hundreds of CDs I threw away. Where am I gonna go today?

My drawers were filled with all sorts of stuff I couldn't sentimentally throw them away.

I still have the first red packet ever given to me. Money still intact (in fact, all red packets given to me I never take the money out..... should take the money out?) I guess I'm a bigger fan of packet than whats inside.

I had in my drawers, star shaped straws that a friend taught me how to make. I had the very first one I ever made and one I made using Hungry Jacks straws (because Hungry Jacks straws have sentimental value to me).

I can go on and on and on about stuff I had.

Had, being the operative word.

Last weekend I had a moment of cleaning fervor and I decided to finally let go of such sentimental stuff.

Not all, but some.

I went drawer by drawer and cold heartedly grabbed stuff and threw them in the bin.

My year 10 drawing project which got me an A+ went in the bin. Travel brochures for Disneyland 2001 went in the bin. My 'TV Hits New kids on the block' stickers went in the bin.

I had so much stuff I filled half a green bin.

At the end I felt strange. The logic in me is saying 'well you haven't looked for it in years - why would you miss it now?'

I really hated throwing this away. But sadly, they don't make polaroid films anymore.

I was happy that I was moving on and clearing out space for new stuff. But I was partly sad coz I felt I was betraying those past happy moments by throwing them away.

I guess thats kinda part of growing up isn't it. Moving on and not living in the past.

This wasn't mine. I threw it away anyways.

Monday, 9 June 2008

What the world needs is

1) God of War 2
2) BBQ Ribs
3) Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier

1) A better way to power up electronic gizmos - I have a separate electrical adaptor for my toothbrush, mp3 player, my shaver, my mobile, my DS, my camera. Why do I need to carry so many different cable thingymajiggies when I'm traveling? Yeah, I know I don't need an electric toothbrush, but how else am I going to keep my grillz clean?

2) A high-school teeny boppy show - when I turn on the TV there's only shows like Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty. Young people don't want to idolise pruning 30-something dinosaurs. We need 16 year old leads living the life like Britney and Paris. How else are kids to learn about promiscuity, backstabbing and the finer things in life? Somebody think of the kids and bring out a new high-school teeny boppy show.

3) A decent male RnB artist. Someone like Brian McKnights or R Kelly (before he went peado). Or even a group! Where's the Boys 2 Men of the 2000's? Where are the decent ballads? We really need to stop the tidal wave of stupid stupid stupid stupid songs.

4) Some decent heart-clogging fast food. Free of this 'fat free - healthy choice' nonsense. People rally about freedom of speech and freedom of choice all the time. People want their rights to eat very unhealthy fast food! The cows and chickens have died for us - least we can do is eat their fat and skins to honor their sacrifice.

5) Interactive clothes. Like hypercolour tshirts. I'm sure we can stich flashing LEDs to t-shirts by now. We need some really cheesy clothes so that our aunties have something to give us on our birthdays.

6) Another party dance - like the YMCA, Chicken dance and Macarena. No, not the Soulja boy dance, thats too ghetto. We need something the whole family can enjoy. What are we going to dance in weddings then?

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Birthday Saved by the Chicken

1) Curry Fish Heads
2) Devil May Cry
3) Sony Walkman

Work today was pretty bleh.

Sadly work does not discriminate if it's your birthday or not.

And some people will be difficult, regardless of how many profiteroles you bring in.

That's why I've decided to dedicate my birthday wish to making less 'bleh' days.
If people would just stop making other people's lives more miserable, then we can all be happy chappies.

So my wish is for that everyone to follow the golden rule.

Thankfully today allowed for my traditional birthday dinner of KFC and Rice.

Nothing like the Sanders to perk things up again.