Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Korean Hotness

"200 Pounds Beauty" is probably one of the biggest movie to ever hit Korean cinemas.

Its even upstaged the Juggernaut that was "My Sassy Girl".

Hollywood has bought the rights to remake the movie and a stage musical is also on the way.

The actual movie is alright.
It has its funny parts and its not-so funny parts. Maybe a 6 or 7 out of ten.

But still, everyone should watch it to see Kim Ah Joong!

Dam! She's got one of those faces that can be pretty / cute / not-so cute / sexy / beautiful. But yeah, she's very attractive.

I like her coz she can laugh and make fun of herself (see video below).

She can sing! Her cover of the Blondie song Maria in the movie was pretty awesome (She sang all of her songs in the movie).

She can be so hot it hurts..

10 Year High School Reunion

I was a bit apprehensive at first.

I was worried that everyone else had grown to do bigger, better, more adult things (you know... stuff that included more responsibility and such...).

JB and GC were my primary school classmates. He used to be as tall as my belly button. She's now a mother of two.

But as I mingled with my past classmates and buddies, I realised that everyone was pretty much same-same.
Simo and Osh. Simo is now a father of two and this was his first night out in 10 months. Osh's identical twin brother is now in Melbourne.
Of course there was the obvious.

Hair styles have changed - some have grown more hair, some have lost hair.

Some have lost weight, some have tripled their size (ZOMG what happened to some of these girls?!).

Some have gotten engaged, some already married and others now single and separated.

The first girl I ever went out with. And girl I had the biggest crush on.

Some have traveled the globe, joined the army or have even started rock bands.

But everyone is still reaching out for their dreams and doing the odd things they did in high school.
B stands for Best bud.

It was just my overactive imagination expecting changes of Ricky-Lake proportions.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Hair cut

The barber asked me what cut I wanted.

I kinda just sat there dumbfounded.

Haircut.. umm.... Can I call a friend?

"number two ... at the sides??
and maybe a three on the top? .."'

Hang on.. that's what my brother gets. Ooops.
I think its because he gets the same hair cut all the time that's why I remember that.
Where as I don't.

My effeminate Iraqi barber pouted his wet lips and disagreed.
"No..no no.. that won't do.. thats too short.. number three is like this,"
and he bowed down to show me his crown. "You wan't it to look like this?"

Helll no! I screamed in my head. Don't want my head looking like a monkey's breast.

"I'll esskissor cut the top ohhkaaay.."
"Um.. alright.. sounds good.."


As you can see, I don't really fuss about my hair. If it looks nice that would be a plus, but if its not... oh well.. at least I get to live another day.

For some people a change in hairstyle means a change in lifestye. Deep. But haircuts definitely give a fresh new look into life. Thats probably why after a failed relationship most people get their hair re-done. A change in the head crop helps with the healing and change inside I guess.

But we should be having a fresh outlook to life everyday! Don't need break-ups to do that!


I'm actually not that energetically optimistic.
I'm just trying to find an excuse for my weird hair patterns.

I get my hair cut from all over the place. One time its from a barber, one time from a hairstylist, one time from my mom and once in a while (if I'm desperate and I'm starting to harbor nits) my brother cuts my hair. I just go with whatever's convenient (or on special that day). Thus putting me on the other end of the spectrum of some people I know.

But whatever makes people happy right?

I have a box at home with hair products recommended by various people who's cut my hair.

I've got wax, gels, putty, jelly, hairspray, jelly-wax, putty-wax, gel spray, putty-jelly. They have a mat finish or can be oil-slick shinny. The hair hold strength varies from feather touch to rock-solid industrial-cement grade super crunchy hard.

And I've hardly used any of them. Most of them have discoloured already, but I've kept 'em for special occasions. To which I'd use a dab from each pot and make a nice mix of 'special occasion magic gel'. Its a secret recipe (its also a stain and rust remover, lubricant, dental whitener, but is very flammable).

In the end it doesn't really matter for me.

If Brad Pitt can get away with any hair cut, I can get away with any hair cut (*ahem *ahem Brad Pitt and I are on the same league in good lookingness).

While on the topic of grooming, my girlfriend laughed at me because I use my lynx shower gel as my full body cleansing solution.

Why do I need a shampoo, conditioner, soap, facial cleanser when a fully body gel does all of it in one go? The way I look at it, soap removes dirt.
And dirt doesn't differentiate if it wants to land on your face or your hair or your belly button.

So one soap to clean it all I reckon.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Weekend Food Temptation

My weekend started off relatively healthy. I had some home-baked bread for breakfast with a very very very very light layer of Nutella.

During the weekend, there were many temptations.
And I was doing pretty well.

Until the second bar of Weiss Ice cream was handed to me....

And it was all downhill from there.

This, the greatest downfall.

Looking at it now makes me shiver.

I paid dearly for my mistake.

You know what Morgan Spurlock did after eating a Supersized Double Quarter pounder in his documentary? We'll I did that.

Only that I kept it in.

Stupid Homer commercials!!