Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Hong Kong MTR

I have to say, Hong Kong has one of the most user friendly railway transit systems in the world. The MTR is so user-friendly - even my parents found their way around (thats saying a lot!)
As a former employee of the company that brought the smart card technology to HK (Octopus card system) I felt kinda proud :) Only kinda - because the company is not doing so well atm...
All the lines are colour coded and the intercom lady speaks in both English and Chinese.
To get smiles out of the commuters, HK officials have installed machines that print out quotes that will 'make your day'. The quotes are soo silly they're bound to make you smile.

But the best part are the little shops located at the main train stations. They have snack shops, toys shops even clothing stores like Giordano.
Funny thing is you can't eat in the train stations. If you got caught, punishment is like 1000 years imprisonment.
I took this photo not knowing the little message says "no pictures please".
Ooops :)

Wednesday, 23 August 2006

The Test

The Sydney Morning Herald blog posted an interesting article about tests guys do to check up if the woman they are with is worth it. Here are a few of the tests.

Car Lock test (need a car with manual pull-up door locks)
When picking her lock up both the front doors of your car. Walk over to her and bring her over to the car. Unlock her door with your keys, let her in and close the door. Walk around the car and check if she reaches over and unlocks your door. If she doesn't open your door - drop her.

Waiter Test
Watch how she treats waiters or taxi drivers. If she's rude, she has issues.

Ex-partner Test
If she is twisted and bitter over her exes, there's a reason.

Smoker Test
If she smokes she pokes ?! Dunno what this means - but it sounds sexual

Vegetarian Test
Stay away from her if she only eats vegetables and drinks bottled water.

In turn, women have writen-in to share some of their tests to determine if the guy is good material. Some of the posts had cologne tests, shoe test, where-they-go-for-their-first-date test. I believe Cosmo and other girly magazines provide endless tests for girls to use on their boys.

Women even subject guys to tests that are impossible to pass. The Do i look fat in this? or
Which of my girlfriends would you go out with? tests.

Then there's the Paying of the bill test. Some girls insist it should be split even. A lot of women demand that HE should pay the bill. If he's not willing to fork out for her, he's not worth it. Some women even put the trap of offering to split the bill. If he says yes to this,
then he fails the test too!! Nasty!! Personally I prefer to alternate because its fair and it gives the opportunity of having another date :)

Do you do purposely test your partner?

I'd given someone a test before and they didn't pass. I felt stupid because the only thing it did was sour things up.

Deciding that a person is not worth your time because they wore the wrong cologne or
didn't open the door for you is harsh.
Everyone has values that they wish their partners also share. Testing them on a superficial level will not answer what you really want to know.

Friday, 18 August 2006

For You I Will

I've fallen for her.

14,000 feet to be exact.

Wednesday, 16 August 2006


Only the one who hurts you can comfort you
Only the one who inflicts the pain can take it away

Thursday, 10 August 2006


A 50 year old man received a brand new refrigerator from his soon to be son-in-law. But rather than sell it, he thought he'd be generous and give it away for free.

The old man moved the refrigerator to his front yard and stuck a sign to it.

"Free fridge - Take me!!"

A week passed and no one has taken the fridge.

People looked, but they were all suspicious of the electrical appliance.

So the old man wisely changed the sign.

"Fridge - $50"

The fridge was stolen an hour later.


Friday, 4 August 2006

For those who..

For those who leap out of their comfort zone just to make someone feel at home...
For those who listen to their heart when everyone else is saying otherwise...
For those who make decisions knowing the choices will always hurt someone close...
For those who take the dirt because they know others don't know better...
For those who hold on to relationships because distance doesn't mean giving up without a fight...
For those who are strong and fight off temptation...
For those who find courage to move on...
For those who still give it their best shot with the knowledge of the inevitable...
For those who do the right thing and end up getting hurt...
For those who follow their dream...
For those who are patient and understanding...
For those who face the awful truth...
For those who are second preference...
For those who love without being loved in return...

For all of you who endure much and smile through it all..
Cheers to you.

Wednesday, 2 August 2006

A Thousand Days

A week ago two of my closest friends celebrated their 1000th day of being together.
Such a mathematically difficult anniversary to keep track of, but I'm very happy that they did.

They proved to me that there's still plenty of silly-romantic people in this world.

A thousand days sounds like a very long period. But I know theres always not enough time when you're with your special someone.

Congratulations Alisa.

Feng Shui Layout

I changed my bedroom layout a week ago. Now my feet when I lay in bed is perpendicular
to the door. Its a lot more Feng Shui friendly, I think.

With that I've changed my blog layout. I hope its a Feng Shui friendly as well.