Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Holiday Hooray

I'm having meat pies and sausage rolls for lunch today. Im taking in as much Australia
as I can because in a few hours time, I'll be in a plane to Asia. Only noodles and char siu bao's
from there on :P

So excuse the few weeks hiatus, Project Will is on a break. Now back to my research..
"bin do hai sai sau gaan?"

Monday, 29 May 2006

Dunsborough Fishing Trip - Bunker Bay

Around April every year, schools of Australian salmon gather around the coast of Dunsborough allowing them to be caught off the beach. Last year I organised a fishing trip to try and catch a few salmons and we did! Quan and Ed caught a salmon each. This year we wanted to try and beat the 2 salmon catch record.

It was time for the second annual Dunsborough Fishing Trip.

Dunsborough is a good 3-4 hour drive from Perth. We were going to stay there overnight so it was important that everything we needed was packed.
Like most of my fishing trips, our adventure started off with breakfast at maccas.
If I knew the Mandurah maccas was wi-fi enabled then I would have blogged from there.

We met up with my brother in Pinjarrah which completed our 4-men fishing posse.
Ben and Thuan. Ben gives the fishing trip the thumbs up.
Will and little bro Tris. Please excuse the bad fashion.

Our first stop was Bunker bay. This was the place where Quan landed a huge four kilogram-ish salmon last year.

There weren't many local fishermen at Bunker bay. Last year we couldn't even get a spot on the rocks. This was definitely a bad fishing sign.

We stayed there a while but didn't catch any fish. What we did catch was a freakish wave that sprayed my whole lower body with saltwater.
For the rest of the day I had to put up with squishy shoes and wet socks.

Monday, 22 May 2006

City Gardens - Sau's Farewell Part 2

Just stepped out of the club.
Hungry as a hippo.

Need something to absorb the Bacardi 151 in the system.

The guys were starting to get violent.

We needed food and we needed it badly.

Plus we needed somewhere to pee.

Thank you late night chinese food :)

The mini china town in Perth offers several chinese restaurants serving pretty much the same thing. If you can't decide between Billy Lee or Uncle Billy, go with one without Billy - City Garden Restaurant.

Thankfully some of us were in the right state of mind to order
I did say some right?

The food kinda just landed on the tabled and disappeared. Everything tastes good after the club.
Sau's favourite

Once we've had our feed, we took a quick shot of the gang before going our own ways.
I got home just in time... for breakfast

Thursday, 18 May 2006

Birthday Boi

Average sleeping time for the past two week is 1:30AM. The worst part is that none of those days involved the watching of hentai animes. I've just been caught up with soooo many things.

Im so far behind in Bleach and Honey to Clover. I haven't even finished Yakitake Japan! :(

But anyways back on topic. Its my birthday soon and some people have been asking what I want for my birthday. So here it is:

My Birthday Top 10 Wishlist.

10) 2x Packs of Jack n Jill Chocolate Pretzels. I just love them sticks coated in chocolate. Only available in manila I think. But I haven't checked the oriental stores yet.

9) One week to catch up on the potato lounging I used to do all the time.

8) Playsation 3 would be nice... or a copy of Final Fantasy XII

7) A plant for my office. Problem is that I dont' have any windows. So either
a non photosynthesising plant (plasticus variety) or a new window.

6) Something for mom and dad. Its actually them who've done the hard work all these years. It should be their celebration

5) Same as #10. So thats 4 packets total.

4) Someone to edit my skydive video coz I look so scared everyone is laughing at it

3) *insert her wish here*

2) Enrique Iglesias's new album that hasn't been released yet. Enrique is my idol (anyone who scores a girl like Anna K is a legend in my books). Plus he's half filipino - so im cool like Enrique by national-relation.

1) A date with my favourite person A plate of oily chinese noodles

Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Siena Brisbane Grapeskin

I know I'm up for a great night when it starts off with dinner at Sienas. Usually it will combine wine..
great food...
and good company!
Ian and Jon
Me, Tess and Mark
Melinda and Ian

We talked and talked. Of course dinner conversations started out innocent. But after a few glasses, I've finally revealed my intention to become a full time prawn porn star. Its all just for fun and laughs..

kinda :)

Jokes continued as pints of Stella were downed at the Brisabane
and after they closed at 12 - we ended up in Grapeskin
This was where Mark bought me an odd tasting drink - Black Russian. Jon's cognac was super strong - I swear you could get drunk from just sniffing it - from across the room!! I dunno how people enjoy that stuff.

What started off as a rather innocent pizza pasta dinner ended with me getting drunk again. It was a fun night - but I don't think I had as much fun as this guy. He probably had an awesome night.

Monday, 8 May 2006

Paint it Red

Jeff and I decided to waste a perfectly good Sunday afternoon doing car stuff. While girls spend time having their nails and hair done, we dudes spend aftenoons painting car brake callipers.

The victim - Mazda3 SP23
The hardest part was getting the car to levitate. Luckily Jeff was psychic and could make things float on thin air.
Once the car was up, it was just a matter of covering everything we didn't want to turn red with newspaper.

On a technical note - this is not any ordinary car paint. This is high temperature calliper paint. Ordinary paint will just peal off with the conditions the brake callipers experience.
Jeffa doing F-1 support by putting the tyres back with a compressor.

With red callipers we have increased the car's performance by 20%. Nice.
Jeff and me doing the customary guys-behind-the-car-door pose

Thursday, 4 May 2006

Heart Without A Home

I love to watch you
You're like candy to my eyes
Like a movie that you've seen
But gotta watch just one more time

Did you know that
You're the bluebird in my sky
I only wanna make you happy cause
I love to see you fly

But that smile you're wearing
It's a beautiful disguise
It's just something you put on to hide the emptiness inside
And you seem so lonely
But you don't have to anymore

If you're a heart without a home
Rebel without a cause
If you feel as though
You're always stranded on the shore
Like a thief in the night
Let me steal your heart away
If for reasons, what you're looking for
I'll be yours

I'll be the raft in the tide
I'll be the truth in the light
And what's more
When no one opens the door
I'll be the hope that you're looking for

Monday, 1 May 2006

Farewell Sau

Bestest buddy Sau has decided to go to Sydney in search of fame and fortune. So the boys and I farewelled him the only way we knew how - partying Metro City-style!

Perth is small, but it has an awesome RnB club. Metros rock!

Below is a short snippet of the partying in Metro City

The Red bar is where the hot bartender works :)

As you can see, Sau, our celebrant was already sufficiently plastered!

Alvin enjoying the nice comfy wall

Who needs legs when you've got friends like these :P