Tuesday, 23 June 2009

20 Under $20 - Ninniku Jip

Welcome to another 20 Under $20 post!

Today's restaurant of choice is Ninniku Jip on Albany Highway, Victoria Park.

To be frank, the name "Ninniku Jip" is quite hard to say, let alone remember.

I remember getting on the phone with my brother trying to get him to look up the address.

"Whats it called?"
"Err... Jikki... Yup? Nukki Jip? Ninni Kup? Hmmmmm... .."

Ninniku Jip is a modern cafe-restaurant which offer a wide selection of Korean and Japanese food.

And when I say wide, I mean really WIDE!! So wide that Chicken Schnitzel and garlic bread are also in the menu!

Ninniku Jip uses chairs from a previous restaurant (I think its Red Rock Noodle Bar)

I ordered the Garlic Chicken Bulgogi and Anh ordered the Chilli Chicken Bulgogi (both $10.80). We picked from the lunch menu because they were the only meals under $20.

Spot the difference?

The dishes looked awfully similar and tasted similar too.

But then again, with any chicken or dolphin dishes - they all taste the same!

So the food was okay, but Anh and I agreed it's not something to come back for.

Value-wise $10.80 was alright, but we found most of the items in the menu (which probably tasted better) breaking the 20-buck limit.

So with that, Anh and I gave Ninniku Jip, no-thumbs for taste and no-thumbs for value.

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