Wednesday, 27 August 2008

M is for Melbourne

Me and the melbournian yellow taxis

Watching episodes of Fight Quest reminded me of my Melbourne trip because my girlfriend and I saw our first episode there.

We also watched quite a bit of Mythbusters and Ultimate Fighting Champion Fight Nights. It was free cable TV - what were suppose to do? waste it?

Fight nights were so addictively brutal!

But Melbourne wasn't all about lounging and watching TV.

We originally planned it easy and lazy but it turned out being exhausting with lots of walking and shopping and eating and going out.

The central train station

The Yarra River is one of my favourite things about Melbourne

Trams (and hook turns) were scary at first, but we got used to it

Oh.. before I forget...
Budget terminal in Melbourne is 'shed-like' budgetty - complete with wire fencing!

Sauerkraut anyone?

Pair of random Hawks supporters. I don't know them

Ice Lounge. 20C below zero anyone?

I love the ice glasses - except when stuck frozen to my tongue

Ice gremlin

And of course..

Lots of missing photos including Chapel Street and Crown Casino photos. They're in my girlfriend's camera.

I think my girlfriend will be keeping those photos hostage though.

She's still sooking that I bought more stuff on Chapel street than she did.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Gossip Boy

Its knowing the end of Sixth sense and not being able to scream it out to first time viewers! If you don't tell anyone you're gonna burst!


I have to admit a bit of goss makes life a bit more interesting :P

Its having that bit of forbidden knowledge.


But you cant.

its our little secret

Before, I made the mistake of blabbering stuff I found out to others. That always landed me in hot waters.

Maybe its because I'm such a stupid gossip boy and I don't include clauses like
"dont' tell anyone this okay, but *gossip *gossip *gossip..."
or "I didn't tell you this alright, but... *gossip *gossip *gossip.."

Only a veteran would know that.

Just recently I found myself in the receiving end of super juicy gossip.

Shame I can tell anyone.

Maybe I can write about it? :(

Goood stuff you found the goss!!!

I found out that *gossip gossip gossip* was *gossip gossip gossip* an *gossip gossip gossip* - this was a major problem because *gossip gossip gossip* is a *gossip gossip gossip*.

My good friend *gossip gossip gossip* is *gossip gossip gossip* a *gossip gossip gossip*!!!!!! Can you imagine that!!! What a dog!!

Oh yeah, and last night, *gossip gossip gossip* told us that *gossip gossip gossip* has a *gossip gossip gossip*. Another dirty dog!!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Doc Err Antenna

1) Nintendo Wii Fit
2) September - Cry for You
3) Guitar Hero - Aerosmith

I haven't seen my fiancee for a week now...
.. and yet we live together
Just eleven more years

- Doctor training to be surgeon
Both my brothers are doctors.

They come in very handy when you need medical advice in a jiffy (and can't be bothered googling for answers).

But if ask either of them if they would have picked another job, now knowing what its like to be a doctor, they would have to think about it for a while.

Salary is pathetic, the hours are long and the patients are always sick! Don't even get them started on the nurses (btw sexy nurses are mythical creatures like unicorns).

"But it must be nice having that doctor prefix?" I asked my brother.
"You can have my prefix if you want. I just want some sleep"

To err is human, to forgive is divine.
I have qualms with this saying. One, why are people allowed to make mistakes and everyone are just to 'accept' it. That's a bit unfair. I think I haven't reached my quota of mistakes yet.

Two, to forgive is freaking hard!


I had a problem getting the Wii to communicate with my wireless router. Blame it on the concrete walls and distance.

Lucky for me I stumbled on this website!

Do it yourself antenna!!

I surfed the pages and made myself a 2.4GHz directional antenna.
I had to remove the logo they put coz it was uncool

Yes, I know - you're thinking. OMGWTFBBQ!!! Mega g33koidness!!!
My green directional antenna!! hehehe

But there was a problem and I fixed it.
And it didn't cost me anything (only a bit of time)

If only life problems were as straight forward.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Burger Love

1) McAustralia Burger
2) Swimming at Beatty Park
3) Goodyear C Drives

There's no denying that I (heart) burgers.

I love them so much - I've gotten fat because of it (so fat that I'm investing on a Wii fit to keep my arterial flow going).

Me and my Finest Australian burger

I love burgers because they are what I call the universally complete meal.

Its a complete meal because they have protein (meat), fiber (vegetables?) and carbohydrates (bread buns) all in a nicely layered food tower.

And its universal because you eat it with your hands! Unlike other foodstuff like pasta or sushi where you need utensils like forks or knives.

Breakfast burgers from Burger King. I thought when they asked scrambled they meant just the eggs.

Double cheese means double the goodness. That's a medical fact! (last statement might be untrue)

What if you got stuck in a remote island with a bowl of noodles - how you gonna eat that?! huh?!

Burgers don't discriminate if you have forks or spoons or can hold chopsticks or not. That's why everyone can enjoy them.

The Mega Mac. Twice a Big Mac. Twice the perfection

These are but a few reasons why I spend quite a bit of my cholesterol quota on burgers.

Burgers >> Chicken Fillets

They're also quite convenient thanks to McDonald's and other burger joints littered all over the world.
If the cheese in a burger is almost translucent, there's a high chance its a 'healthy cheese'. Best to avoid.

I guess my only qualm with burgers is that they're almost always falsely advertised in fast food places.

What you see is not always you get.