Sunday, 21 February 2010

Gift Registry

Anh and I had our first wedding gift registry experience!

We went around Myers and scanning items we hope to get as wedding presents.

We didn't do so well on our first run though.  I think we were scanner-shy.  We only scanned twenty five items.

And most of these so that we get the freebies!! hehhehehe.

Stuff you get for free if you scan certain brands

But we're warmed up now!
So watch out scanner - we're heading to the electronics department next.

Second Hand Bookstore

I went to Curtin University last Thursday to pick up some books for my sister.

I went to the visitors parking area and looked to buy a parking ticket.

I found a $2 coin and tried to place it in the ticket machine but missed! (poor hand-eye coordination. I need to play more video games). The coin rolled from the machine and fell into a crack in front of the machine!

I dropped to my knees and cried  "NOOOOOOOooO!!!"

The stupid crack was wide enough to tease me of my lost money but not wide enough to let my pinky finger through!

Seriously, I must have spent 15 minutes in front of the machine trying to fish my coin out.  I mean, $2 is a lot of money and something you just don't leave behind.  But trying to fish it out felt infinitely more embarrassing!

There were uni students walking past and they're probably wondering why this guy was on his knees worshiping the parking machine.


I eventually found myself in the finance section of the second hand bookstore.  There multiple copies of the book my sister wanted to I took my time finding one in good condition.

"This is the same one the professor was talking about right?"  Asked the pretty asian girl next to me.

"Err....  Yeah.  That's the one"  I muttered.

"'Coz I saw the new one in the other bookstore and it looked the same" she replied.

"Is it the eight edition one? All the eighth edition ones look the same" I answered in my infinite wisdom.

Like butter baby,
that's how smooth I am.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Video Capture

We reached a momentous milestone today.  One that I would liken to the moonlanding.  Lolz

We got Skype going.

As the techspert in the house, I kinda have final say in all things technological and I've been avoiding webcams for years because I think of them as gimmicky.

But after months of nagging (from other Skype users) I finally caved in and bought a web cam.

I was pleasantly surprised when we got our first video call streaming clearly to my brother in Albany, about 600km's away.  

Its like watching YouTube, only that it's live and interactive and doesn't have Jessica Chobot.

My parents and I were very amused by LifeCam Dashboard effects like making our heads big and wearing hats :P

My bro took his laptop around the house and gave us a virtual tour of his place.  
He even showed us his pots of baby corns.  


I was busy last week putting together my Dad's birthday video presentation.  

Thank you Windows Movie Maker for once again saving my life. :P

My dad turned 65 early this month and we thought playing a dedication would be a great idea for his birthday celebration.  We put together a chronological slideshow with his baby pictures right through to his most recent Christmas photo with all the major events of his life in between:  high school, university, wedding, kid, second kid, third most awesome kid, another kid, kids growing up and getting married and grand kids.

Thats me pulling on my brother's leg

Even though my dad got a bit teary, he really liked it and thanked us for it.

Now even though I saw the video about sixty gazillion times whilst making it, it was only when I saw it played on the big screen did it hit me that what I had, photos of my dad's life, was something that was 65 years in the making.

I'm less than halfway through his journey and I can see that there's still so much to look forward to.

So much happy memories to be made.

Friday, 5 February 2010

The Email Box

I keep my emails.

(except the ones that don't have subject lines)

Partly because its required at work and I just got into a habit of it.

And partly because I'm just really sentimental.

A few days ago I was procrastinating at work and decided to archive my emails instead of doing boring documentation.

I started archiving emails back from 2005 but could not help reading a few.

Some very rude emails were still there.  And reading through the forwarded stuff and the conversations with the boys brought back laughs.

But I was really quite surprised of the things I wrote - I'm such a stupid head!! Hehehe.
I mean, I'm so emotional and reactive and really quite naive in the things I wrote.  Perhaps I changed quite a bit these last few years, but definitely many things I would have handled differently.

I had a final read of a few emails before it all turned into one *.PST archive file.

That was that I said.  Its move-on time.

I need to make space for more mail.