Tuesday, 3 March 2009

20 Under $20 - Gypsy Tapas

Gypsy Tapas is the next restaurant in our 20 Under $20 list.

Its located in Highgate Court in Fremantle.  If you know where mini-roundabout close to Myers Fremantle, then its about ten paces from there.  Just follow the drums and music and it will lead you there.

 The live music was great.  All that was missing was the monkey in the red vest

Visiting Gypsy Tapas was a fun experience.  

There was festive music playing in the background and quirky way the restaurant presents itself really takes you to another place (somewhere in Europe I think.. I'm not that familiar of Gypsy history).  

The restaurant reminded me of times playing Quest for Glory 4, where I had to go to the gypsy camp and get my fortune told.  Shame I'm not really a Level 14 Thief with magic skills.
The staff is friendly and with the 30 odd choices on the tapas menu, you really get that 'anything-goes' easy-going vibe. 

But we were there on a food mission. We were to check if the place was worthy of the 20 Under $20 crown.
Now every item on the tapas menu is $7.50.  If you do a little multiplication you will find that on a $20 budget, you can really just have two dishes.  

Anh and I made it a combined $40 price cap to get us an extra dish.  But five dishes were not really substantial for two people.  You really want to do the $30 all-you-can-eat tapas to get your fill.

So with that (and my simple mathematics) I gave it a thumbs down for value for money.

But how about the food and taste?

Sadly, we didn't really enjoy the food either.  The dishes were either too bland or too strong in flavour. 

The brie salad was so overpowering it killed my taste buds.  Even the giant meatballs with cheese were uneventful.  

Meatballs with cheese!! Imagine how disappointed I was!

Preserved fish with aioli. Preserved fish is VERY salty
With nothing really outstanding on the menu, Anh had to give the food the thumbs down.
My unflattering picture of chicken drumsticks

So with great regret, we gave Gypsy Tapas a double thumbs down.

Regrettable because the fun and friendly atmosphere made us want to like the place.

Barrel tables! Where's me pirates? argggg!

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SK said...


You're right. The food doesn't look too appetising.

I know you're in Perth but if you're in Sydney there's a really nice tapas you can try. It's tapas fusion with japanese style food, a little pricy but very tasty.

Check out :