Thursday, 26 November 2009

Thank You Day

Happy Thanksgiving day to everyone! :)

Although Thanksgiving is not really something I celebrate, I think it makes for a great time to give thanks to the wonderful people and things who surrounding me, for making my life that little bit more special. So a big thanks to:

1. Jaws kaiten Sushi for having fried chicken in your sushi train. You have created deep-fried happiness drowned in spicy Japanese mayo.
Can we ride the train?

2. Tony and Kim for having an incredibly fun wedding. You've given me so much to look forward to on my wedding.

3. Thank you Dad. You have taught me so much and continue to do so. I really enjoyed our lunch date.

4. Thank you Chelsea for running with me every Monday afternoons. I know I don't give you much opportunity to sniff other dog butts, but you still love me all the same. More meaty bites for you.

5. Thanks DJ Al for games nights and Resident Evil. I hope we don't see anymore of those freaky things that we can only shoot when its' stomach opens.

Chris Redfield is such a perv. Look where he's looking.

6. Thank you Anh for agreeing to marry me. Is it too late to back out now? Love you.
.. is where the heart is.

7. Thank you Chilliz for my $4.30 Honey Chicken Rice lunch. You have given hope to under $5 lunchers like me.

8. Thank you Naruto Shippuden. You continue to inspire me to be a ninja.
Sasuke and Itachi battle is epic!! It has eye gouging and giant fireballs

9. Thank you Steam for my new skin whitening treatment.

10. And thank you for the music, for giving it to me.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Open letter to the guy that hit my car

Dear Sir,

I'm writing to thank you for the wonderful 20cm dent that you have added to my car on the morning of 18 November 2009.

If you don't remember, I was the the guy driving straight on a silver Mazda3 and you were the unseeing driver who moved into my lane without checking. In doing so, your license plate has scratched and dented two of my doors.

It was unfortunate that you decided to drive off in your red Mitsubishi Lancer when I signaled you to pull over, because we didn't get a chance to discuss your personal life.

So I write this open letter to thank you for the added character to my car. My car was nice before, but you've made it special.

You have also given me another reason to get up in the morning as I now look forward to seeing your car. I'm in no doubt that you will drive through the Roe street and Beaufort street intersection again.

If by chance we were to meet, I look forward to following you and your wife to your work (and your house) and thanking you in my special way.

Kind regards

Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Celebrant Part 1

I promise no wedding related post next week :)

Just wanted to post that Anh and I met our priest yesterday.

We're so glad Father Joe is the celebrant for our wedding. He's been my parish priest for ages and I really enjoy his work. He's really fun and really easy going. In fact, its him who makes it easy for me to go to church every week.

When we got to his house, he got us straight into filling out forms.

Lots and lots and lots of forms!

One form for the church, one form for the bishop, one form for priest... and then gave us more forms for homework! He's asked us to book ourselves for some 'marriage counselling'. My brother said the counselling thing is quite good, but all I'm thinking in my head is Robin Williams and Mandy Moore. We'll see.

We also did some short vows during our session. It was quite funny. The way Father Joe explained it was something like "do you promise that you're marrying your partner not for his or her money?" hahah as if?! There were more stuff like that, but it did feel nice being there having a mini-wedding ceremony.

I have to look after the kids faith apparently.

Lolz :P

What was surprising was the amount of weddings Father Joe was booked for. His wedding calendar was packed!! He was doing something like six weddings per weekend and he's already booked for thirty weddings next year! And all this time I was thinking he only does masses on weekends. When we left around 8pm, he told me us he had two more wedding appointments that evening!

Tough life!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Ramen & couch

We barely had time to enjoy our new relationship status when all of a sudden we're thrust into this whole wedding organising business.

And its quite a crazy business!

Gotta organise the priest then the church then venue then the limo then the DJ.

Mind you, we don't mind doing all of this, its just that it would be nice to enjoy our engagement without having to worry about deadlines and seating arrangements? and wedding songs?! and flowers and stuff.

Its actually just last Friday (3 weeks after the engagement) that we were able to sit and enjoy a meal together as fiance and fiance.

We had instant ramen! So tasty and so MSG gooood! Anh did well by adding broccoli and chicken to make it gourmet.

Good times.

Speaking of good times, we finally got our couch!

We thought it looked weird when we first got it (as shown in picture).

We went back to the store to complain on how it looks, only to find from the display model that we got the chase cushion the wrong way around!