Monday, 16 March 2009

20 Under $20 - Mak's Place

Hello to another 20 Under $20 restaurant review!  Today's restaurant of choice is Mak's Place on William Street, Northbridge.
Handsome devil...

Anh picked this restaurant coz she really really really craved for chicken satay.
So you could only imagine how devastated we were when told they've run out!  

Thankfully the menu at Mak's Place provide for good alternatives.
Murtabak is really nice with the curry dipping sauce.

Mak's Place doesn't offer a super comprehensive menu, but a few dishes done well is better than many done badly.  

And food done well is definitely what Mak's is. 

Kway Tiah Goreng

Anh enjoyed here Kway Tiah Goreng.  It was light, refreshing and sauteed with a lot of fresh vegetables.

Nasi Lemak

For me the nasi lemak hit the spot.  The chicken was only a wing, but the very coconutty rice together with the peanuts, dried fish and the sambal were a great combination. 
We really enjoyed our meal, but were disappointed with the satay chicken shortage.

The waitress told us they simply couldn't make enough satay sticks to last the day! They need more hands to meet demand.

So we we came back another time and again they ran out!!  So a word of warning - the satay sticks are always high on demand!

When the owner saw the tears well up on our eyes, he decided to make some fresh ones for us! 



And we weren't disapponted.  :) 

Thumbs up for value and food.


SK said...

The satay looks good!

However Kway Tiah Goreng (or Char Kway Teow) should look like this :

Angie said...

Looks fantatic. As for the Koay Teow, I think having vegetables is a good thing.

Will said...

well i think everyone has their own version of kway teow.

the version i make has hotdogs and cheese...

... well. actually its more a spaghetti, cut i call it kway teow all the same :P