Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Five stages of grief

Life is not always a box chocolate. There are many bitter times that we wish didn't happen and but have to endure through.

I was reading a post by minishorts about what she did to try and win him back. The cold reality of heartache.

How influential that loss is to your life will paint a picture on much grieving you will have to go through to heal from it.

Something similar in my life happened recently. And it will take a long time for me heal from it.

"I do not want to hear about this. This is not happening"


"Come on! Give us a chance!!! There’s still a way to change your mind!"

"We tried so hard to get this far. How could it end like this? Why does it end this way?"

*sigh* "The Italians were the better team anyways.. They were a man down but they had more strikes at goal and were always dangerous. Its sad the way Aussies lost, but I think we all know the other guys were the better team."

Australia's World Cup dream ended with a dubious referee call with 20 seconds left in the game. I’m gutted. We all are.

I wanted to know when this pain would end. Somewhere in the net I found a nice acronym to help with the healing.

To accept the loss
Experience the pain
Adjust to the new environment
Reinvest in a new reality

I've reinvested myself to a new me. I’m still taking time to get used to it.
But Germany - you guys better win. $10 is riding on you.

Tuesday, 27 June 2006

World Cup Rice Burgers

Everyone is getting on the 2006 World Cup bandwagon nowadays. Even Maccas in HK are on it. They've released for a limited time only 2 special world cup meals. I was "lucky" enough to try one of them during my visit.
I present you the McDonald's Crispy Chicken World Cup Rice Burger Meal!

What do you get in you meal?
1) Plum-peach Iced Tea - now I'm a big fan of lemon iced tea. Actually, I LOVE LEMON ICED TEA. If a place lets you order bottomless lemon iced tea, I'm there! Its my favourite non alcoholic beverage. But seriously, this plum-peach drink has some serious issues. I can't quite describe the taste - but its sweet with a horrible sour-salty-Chinese-herbal-medicine-pencil-sharpening kinda taste.

2) Corn in a cup - its corn in a cup. What more can I say? It comes with cute Maccas margarine?
3) Crispy Chicken Rice Burger - now I've never had a rice burger before so I was quite excited. I'm Asian and I love rice and I also love burgers. Combining it should make it better right?
I've never been so disappointed in my life.
The chicken was nice. It was crispy, savory and a little bit spicy. But the rice patties were soooo wrong. I was thinking its your plain rice molded into patties when grilled or fried to 'seal' its shape. But nope. Its sticky glutonous rice. So my rice burger experience was disappointingly slimy. The tastes just didn't jive. I ended up skipping the rice bits and just eating the bird-flu chicken patties.

4) Pineapple slices - Adding salt makes it a little bit sweeter. Yummy.
Rice burger meal final verdict - ordering this meal will make ordinary pineapples taste really really really good! :P

Thursday, 22 June 2006

Heart of Asia 2006

I was 'dragged' to this event. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to go.
But I might as well make the best of it while I was there :P~~~~

Heat Nightclub was packed! Lots of friends came to support their favourite cutie!
There was a long delay before the girls came out. You know how girls are with dressing up and make up.

They entertained the audience by having some local b-boys do their stuff.

Then finally out they came. 7 pairs of very attractive young asian ladies.
I could feel my contact lenses steaming up.

The pageant had three categories. First was clubwear,
Then Fastasywear
Then everyone's favourite.. Underwear! Sleepwear / Lingerie
But in the end, there could only be one. The crown went to the sisters whow I called the Suki twins from 2 Fast 2 Furious.

But I think the only winners were the guys :P

Monday, 19 June 2006

My Holidays by Numbers

17 - nights spent overseas
26 - age I turned
56 - photos taken per day
49 - price of cranberry vodka jug
9 - total number of movies watched
10 - times I rode a roller coaster
1 - sleepless night
180 - cost of new hairstyle
7 - number of people I saw picking digging their nose in public
93.5 - radio channel i listened to
4 - times I ate at Delifrance
13 - people I bought stuff for
31 - lugguge weight
2 - rice burgers eaten
6 - mashi maro dolls purchased
25 - price of beer in our hotel bar
29 - Average temperature
3 - Total weight gained