Thursday, 30 August 2007


ReadyChecked the oil, checked the tire pressure.
I've even vacuumed the floor mats.

The car has a tankful of 98 octane for efficiently smooth traveling.

I've got my street directories and my new handy-dandy navigation system
all charged up.

Water, Red-Bull, mints and music.

When you have your mind set on accomplishing something, it becomes exactly that - set on one thing.

It focuses all your efforts and concentrates it in achieving your objective.

But its also that same focus that tunnel-visions and blinds you of logic and reasoning.

It's an annoying trade-off, but that's just how it is.

Take watching animes or a TV series for example. When I'm set on finishing a series, then I will do it.

It might reduce my sleeping time to four hours a day, but I do end up following it through.
I do.

There might be some other way, but this seems to work for me.

And it's not because I don't see what everyone else is saying. (I already have a domineering subconscious, so I criticise myself quite alotta).

This is just my way of getting things done.


My friend and I were trying to make sense of women and shopping.

We joked that surely 10 pairs is more than enough for any woman and that no sane person would need more.

If you switch to 'man-universe' and you talk about cars, surely a Kia Rio is good enough to get you from point A to B. You don't need turbo-charged, direct injected, variable-sequential-valve timing with 350kw of raw engine power!

"Everyone's journey is different" quotes the new campaign for the Ford Fiesta and Focus. "The only thing we have in common, is that were all different".
I quite like the ad.

It makes sense coz I can't see my mom driving a 6-speed 166kw, turbo-charged XR5 to get to work. Nor will you find me happily trotting in a 3-door parking cart (unless its this).

So maybe that's the thought for today (in a metaphorical sense of course) - where are you going? And how are you getting there.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Politcally Incorrect Queens

Nothing gets you publicity faster than by being overly politically incorrect.

Take these three ladies for example. They were virtually unknowns who have turn themselves celebrities (in that they're very famous) by simply speaking out their minds.

1. Pauline Hanson (Australia) - "Please explain?"

This is NOT Pauline Hanson. But I'd rather have a picture of Kristin Kreuk than of Pauline

Before 10 September 1996, Pauline Hanson was a nobody on the Australian political landscape. She made international headlines when in her first ever parliamentary speech, she voiced her opinions on (the undoing of) multicultural Australia.

Nice. Read her story here.

She single handedly divided the nation and catapulted herself (temporarily) to the front lines of Australian politics.

Not bad for a Fish N Chip shop owner.

She also single handedly killed my attraction for red-haired women.

2. Wendy Cheng (Singapore) - The Blog Princess

Xiaxue (aka Wendy Cheng) is a multi-award winning blogging princess of Singapore. And she no stranger to political incorrectness.

In fact, her blog is popular because she openly speaks her mind, regardless of how tasteless, selfish, degrading and rude they are (That's what makes it so interesting!) She is really bold and is very popular. She registers almost 12,000 hits a day and has made a living out of blogging.

Her posts on the use of disabled toilets and her opinion on the rape of a Filipina is quite a frightening read.

Which is a shame coz she's actually quite alright looking. I don't think she needed a nose job or needs to Photoshop her photos though.

She's a tad conceited (by tad, I mean very very very very very conceited).

Her most recent scandal was her post "Singapore's Most Disgusting Bloggers" where she openly slugs a 60 year old blogger!

Nice. Nothing like a good old flame war to raise dropping internet hits.

3. Malu Fernandez (Philippines) - Divalicious

Again, this is NOT Malu. I needed a picture of Jessica Alba to offset Malu's photo below.

Malu Fernandez has recently set the Filipino blogging community on fire with her remarks about overseas Filipino workers (OFW).

You can read the article here - Page 1 Page 2.

Then she followed it up with an even juicier post.

My favourite quotes from Malu:

“This time I had already resigned myself to being trapped like a sardine in a sardine can with all these OFWs smelling like AXE and Charlie cologne while my Jo Malone evaporated into thin air."

"Although it may sound elitist to you the fact is this country is built on the foundation of haves, have-nots and wannabes."

Irritated filipino bloggers then joined arms to stop the juggernaut (literally?) that’s is Malu and is pressuring her to resign.

Malu should be worried.

In the past, the Filipino blogging community banded to stop Pamie, an American who negatively critised Philippines' most beloved fast food chain Jollibee.

I don't think Pamie knew how big the can of worms she opened.

She got hate mail after hate mail. I think she's shut down part of her forum because it was inundated with hate comments.

I don't know how if the 'ugly american' incident had ever finished, but there's still hate mail going around. I wonder how Pamie sleeps at night?

In their defense, these women proclaim 'freedom of speech'.

And thats okay. Everyone has a right to say what’s on their mind. Their claim self-righteousness is based on what they believe, what have or what’s been taken from. Its based on life experiences and no one, no matter how many hate mails or death threats you send, can take that away.

Certainly, I’ve done my share of preaching. And I too have upset a few. I accept that. I’m about as wrong as they are right.

(I'll give you another second to think about that last line)

When you state your opinions, it isn't always going to be of everyone's taste. It might get praised or it might get hurled-out and thrown back at you.

But you'll certainly be remembered if your taste is bad.

UPDATE - News just in - Malu has just resigned as a journalist following pressure from the Philippine blogging community (23 Aug 2007).

That didn't take long.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Mano-a-Mano: Unlikely Heroes

In this segment, we’ll be seeing two unlikely heroes battle it out - Mano-a-Mano. Both have appeared in recent blockbuster movies. Both have held the fate of the world in their hands. Both are seemingly ordinary guys who have stepped up to achieve extraordinary things.

But who's got more brain, more braun and more balls!!

Blue corner: Matthew Farrell

Computer hacker who gets himself caught in the middle of a well organised terrorist attack on the FBI computer network. The character is played by Justin Long who you might have seen in Dodgeball or the TV show ED.

Red Corner: Sam Witwicky

Typical seventeen year old boy trying to get in with the ladies. His ancestry would find him in the middle of a galactic war raging between Autobots and Decepticons. Shia LaBeouf plays Sam. He will also be staring in the next Indiana Jones movie.


Character – do these guys play their roles well?

Matthew: Having that pasty complexion ads character
Sam: Fast talking and convincingly stressed. A fumbling fool, your typical underdog hero
Verdict: Both guys fit their roles nicely +1 to both

Appearance – which one is more pleasant to look at?
Matthew: Pale, pasty, scrawny. Looks like he's never seen sunlight in years
Sam: Looks after himself to score chicks.

Verdict: Sam +1

Mentor – Who do these guys look up to?
Matthew: John Maclane -a good cop who always end up messing with the wrong crowd. He's not too keen in stepping up to save the world, but someone's got to do it.
Sam: Optimus Prime - Leader of the autobots. They watch and protect the human race.

Verdict: Both guys look up to worthy heroes. But sadly, John Maclane ain’t so hot with his family, so he doesn't have a perfect fan record. And everyone loves Optimus Prime. He carries a big sword! Way cool! Sam +1

Constitution – How much damage can they handle?
Matthew: Dodges bullets, explosions, car accidents, falls off vents, gets hit by psycho kung-fu lady, gets shot at!! Almost as tough as John McClane!
Sam: Chased by Megatron! Dodges missiles, falls-off buildings
Verdict: Hero point goes to the one who takes a bullet. Matthew +1

Car – Show us your ride!
Matthew: Doesn't even drive a car. But knows how to hot wire a BMW
Sam: Yellow dodge viper AND.. its an Autobot!!

Verdict: Racing stripes!!! Sam +1

Women – how well do they rate with the ladies?

Matthew: Gets to co-star with Maggi Q who wears a tight black body suit and does kick-ass kung-fu moves. Sadly she's out there to kill him.
Sam: Gets to be near Meagan Fox. Gets to be 'under' Megan Fox. Gets to kiss Megan Fox.

Verdict: Uber-hot-vixen Megan Fox wins it for Sam. She's so tight! Sam +1

Humour – Tell us a joke!
Matthew: "Ohhh my god!! Are you okay?..!!! Geeze... you've just killed that chopper.... with a car!!"
Sam: "Just think to yourself.... What would Jesus do?"
Verdict: both guys come up with some pretty classic one liners. Both +1

Occupation - What do you do for a living?
Matthew: Professional hacker. One job got him a cool $50k.
Sam: Doesn’t have one. Sells stuff on ebay as Ladiesman217
Verdict: Matthew +1

Hero Moment - so what did you do?
Matthew: Stopped the evil guys from getting away with cyber-crime
Sam: Protected the 'all-spark' from the evil clutches of the Decepticons.
Verdict: Both did a heroic thing without their mentors. Stuff of legends. Both +1

And the winner is:

Sam Witwicky with a total of 7 points!

Matthew trailed close with a 5.

So there you go.

Sam's the better 'unlikely hero'.

So next time the world is in crisis, you know which one to call!

Alright, so I made this post so I can have pics of Megan Fox, Optimus prime and Maggie Q on my site, nothing wrong with that!

She gets your motor running

Friday, 10 August 2007


Moved In

"What is it like now that you've moved together?"

I was expecting 'yeah, it’s good. We get to do all sorts of things' or something along those lines. Instead, she said,

"Hmm.. We don’t' talk that much any more.."

And her boyfriend continued with

"yeah, we pretty much do our own thing. She watches her shows and I watch my things.."

Not exactly the answer I was expecting. I would think, once you've moved in, then you'd do more things together. That's the purpose of moving in right? To get closer with each other.

Instead, I got a feeling they formed their own mini worlds where she does her things and he does his.

Your things and my things. Your side and my side.

Moving Out

My sister and family are moving to Sydney.

Its great news coz my bro-in-law is movin' on up the corporate ladder of one of the big four (or is it five) accounting firms.

It will be sad to see my sister and my nephews go though. The two little runts are growing up so fast already.

But it won’t be so bad. They promised to visit often (or maybe I visit them?! :P) But by gosh! Rent in Sydney is farking ridiculous! It’s much cheaper for me to buy two Nintendo Wii's per week!


I think there’s something wrong with me.

I was watching the Simpson’s movie and in the part where Homer is watching Marge's video,
a big lump formed in my throat and I found it really really really hard to swallow.

Damn that song!

Same thing happens every time I watch the end of Pixar's Cars.

When Lightning McQueen gives up the Piston Cup to help 'the King' finish up the race.

I've seen it thousands and thousands of times, but I always get moved by this scene.


Friday, 3 August 2007


The common mayfly has a life expectancy of just one day. But is he miserable about it? Not one bit. He fills his day with the things he loves. He soars. He swoops. He savours every moment. Maybe there’s a lesson in this for us longer living creatures. Just think. If we embrace life like a mayfly, what a life that would be! Make the most of now.

-Vodafone Campaign

Wouldn't it be nice to embrace life like a mayfly? To enjoy and appreciate everything. Not because you're going to lose it or die or disappear, but because everything is just as precious whether you go or not.

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Romance and Chivalry

I missed the joke.
I attended a professional development course and most of its attendants were female managers (eheemm... and a few cute clerks). During one of the group activities, the question was asked:

'If the sales for a new perfume range set for Christmas was delayed, what could you do?'

Everyone was coming up with things like talking to upper management or expediting manufacture or changing suppliers. I answered

'how about you market it for valentines day instead?'

Everyone cracked up. I dunno what was funny.

"Hmm.. there's ten or so women here and you're the only one that came up with that idea Will. You must be quite a romantic."

I chuckled, "hehehe, i dunno, you have to ask my girlfriend".

I dunno where I read it from, I think from this blog, but there's was a post about what men should do when the girl they're with get overly drunk.

What I mean by overly drunk is when they've had a lot to drink, get hyper for a bit, then eventually pass out.

Should you take care of them? or take advantage of situation?

I love this response:

"when you're with a girl who's drunk, then that's the perfect time to exercise chivalry"

I totally agree.

Its a moment to have her peacefully sleep in your arms. It feels quite nice to take care of them. Tucking them in, making sure they're warm. Then wiping the dribble off their lips and watch them snore the night away.