Tuesday, 10 February 2009

20 Under $20 - Poppo

Poppo is another restaurant in our 20 Under $20 restaurant quest.

Poppo is conveniently located across the adult stores in Barrack Street in the city, so its easy to duck inside for lunch if you're a city worker or a stop-over before Sunday shopping.  Anh and I made a visit during them hot summer Sundays.

You order at the counter but they bring the food to you

They offer both Korean and Japanese dishes in a fat book they call a menu.  It was a struggle to pick a dish because they all looked so good! 

Salmon sashimi with almonds!  California rolls are massive! And I'm pretty sure I saw sushi with cheese!  We have to come back and double check.

And coming back shouldn't be a problem because the food and value is fantastic.  

My bimbimbap was yummy (although its a huge dish - best shared!) and Anh's tempura and cold soba was really refreshing.  Definitely a step up from the greasy fast-foodish jap from Mr Samurai and Takka's (which are also on the same street).
The Bimbimbap bowl was as big as my head

Anh's given the food the fat thumbs up.  I've value for money a fat thumbs up as well.  So its a double thumbs up from us.

The other cool thing about Poppo is its located next to a Korean convenient store where you can get all sorts of Korean stuff.  

We were there for quite a bit because there were so many Korean snacks we wanted to try!

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