Monday, 30 October 2006

The Mouse's Magic Kingdom

I've heard stories from many people that HK Disneyland totally blows. I dunno why they say that coz the place absolutely ROCKS!!
Disney doesn't blow! But this whale does :P

Sadly my trip there was during a grey-day. Its rained a bit. But if you're a kid at heart (like me), then you'll have a great time even if its hailing frogs.

"How do you get to Disneyland?" Take the Disney train of course!
Admission is a steep HK$295 = P1888 = A$50. And thats off peak prices.

There's a total of four worlds to wander around in but I think they're expanding. Four is plenty to enjoy in one day though.
One of these guys is cute. The other has yellow fur.

I think those who didn't enjoy Disney are old fuddy duddies expecting Disneyland to make them have great time. Sorry it doesn't work like that. If you want to have a good time, its up to you to grab a Buzz lighter phazer gun and zap your way to infinity and beyond!!

Rides are a few but there are lots of theatrical attractions. My favourite is the PhilHar Magic Show with 3D glasses. There's also the Lion King play.
Lion King is one of my all time favourite movies .
Its amazing how they fit the whole movie in 30 minutes. The music and fanfare had me singing 'Hakuna matata' for the rest of the day.
The Golden Mickeys (Disney's version of the Grammys) is a chinese flavoured theatrical attraction. Its weird seeing Mickey, Donald and Minnie speak Cantonese (there's english subtitles of course)

But as you'd expect from any theme park, memorabilia prices border daylight robbery prices. (But you end up buying because you're in Disney!)
Thankfully food prices were okay.
Noodles with fishballs (I thought this was a Nemo friendly place?)

HK Disneyland also hosted the customary Disney parade, complete with all your characters!
I was hoping some of the Disney babes were going to be asian ( Ariel, Belle, Jasmin, Cinderella, Snow White). Ow well.. they still looked good :)
HOT!! and there's Belle aswell! :P

The part I enjoyed the most was the Space Mountain ride. Its a relatively tame roller coaster but your left in the dark so its uber fun. You don't know when its gonna dip or twist or throw you out.

I think I rode it around 10 times! Serious!! I rode it so often I even started posing for the final photo shot!
Love the expression of the guy behind me :P

Friday, 27 October 2006

When theres two

You've been with me for long time
We've shared soo much
You've always been there when I to talk to someone
You brighten up my darkness
You'll always be, close to me.

Then you came from a different time
You came from a diffent place
You're so different.
Yet I'm at home with you.
I'm at ease with you.
You've become my new dependable companion
My everything with more
Im so glad I found you.

You both make me feel special
and you both make me happy.
You both have a place with me
And I hope you know that
Because its strange to hold on to both of you,
but I'm not willing to let any of you go

Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Depends on me

I think I’ve out-done myself.
She said that if I return from the clubs smelling like ladies perfume, lipstick marks on my collar and make-up smudges all over my shirt, the first thing that she would say is:
"Will, have u been trying on my stuff?"

Har de har har. Very funny.

It’s a good thing being dependable. It means you’re trustworthy and reliable and all things nice sugar and spice.

But can somebody explain why I don't like being called Mr Dependable?

Its contradictory to what I do because I always try my best to be dependable. I want people to put their faith and trust in me. I know I’ll be there for them even if its something I don't want to do or the time and place is unsavoury or the crowd is the wrong flavour.

So why do I want to be dependable, but at the same time get bothered when called one?

I guess what irks me is that many mistake that I’m just like this all the time. That I'm happy to bend over backward or do the hard yard because I’m always nice, always dependable.

Because some see that I'll happily not sleep for a day to finish an assignment and let people copy my answers. Or I’ll happily drive my car on a fishing trip that will leave the Will mobile smelling like fish for the rest of the week. Or that I enjoy driving 60 kilometres out of my way to Clarkson because I enjoy the fragrance of Indian body odour.

No. I don't like doing any of those. I'm just being nice. I choose to be nice because I believe in people and that everyone deserves to be treated nicely.

But it’s a choice.

If people take my choice away and expect me to do the right thing for them all the time, then you've got me all wrongly figured out.

Being reliable, trustworthy and faithful is a choice.
I hope this isn't taken for granted, because it certainly doesn't come naturally.


M: "Just look at him! Doesn't he look pretty dependable?"
P: "Yeah, he's a good guy. You can always count on him"
W: "Ummm.. Hello? I’m right here u know.. I can hear u guys talking about me.."

Friday, 20 October 2006

Chasing chicks

I remember my uncle quoting,
Swerte ka pa, punta ka sa Australia! Naku, rinig ko mga babae dyan, sila nang
hahabol. [You're so lucky you're going to Australia, I heard the girls there do the chasing there]

Thinking about this, I can't help but chuckle.

Take this entry as evidence.

In the Philippines, I heard the girl:guy ratio is 3:1.

My uncle couldn't be more wrong.

Thursday, 19 October 2006

Discovering Undiscovered

Short Talk:
With a song I made her cry. Its the first time she's cried happy.

Whats playing in Will's walkman?

1) James Morrison - Undiscovered
You think that I wanna run and hide
That I'll keep it all locked up inside
I just want you to find me
I'm not lost, not lost
Just undiscovered
This album rocks my socks. But not as much as the next album in this list.

2) Justin Timberlake - Futuresex/Lovesounds
Weird title but still, Mr JT has done it again. My favourites are 'My Love' and 'What Goes Around Comes Around". The anthem "Sexyback" is just a ringtone to me now :P I can listen to this album over and over again - but I feel the need to enjoy the albums crying to be heard.

3) Pink - Im not Dead
Im not a big fan of Pink, but this album is surprisingly good. Its nice to channel all that anger against the US president :)

4) The Fray - How to Save a Life
Perfect soundtrack if you're feeling emoshitnal (term coined by Talamasca). Nice when going out on a cruise on a Sunday afternoon.

Wednesday, 18 October 2006

The Longest Journey

I haven’t blogged for a while because I’ve been busying myself with a video game called Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.

Not many have heard of it. It’s a sequel to the PC game - The Longest Journey.
It follows the story of a girl named Zoe Castillo in her quest to find the truth about her friend who mysteriously disappeared.
I find the game particularly enjoyable because it isn't a button bashing exercise. The game relies on wits to solve puzzles – which are challenging but are not frustratingly taxing.
There are no power-ups, no leveling up, no resting and healing. Just old fashioned point-and-click RPG.

The game is very story driven and you’ll find yourself spending 70% of the time just watching cutscenes. Which is good for me because the story is awesome :)
I was really into this game. The voices, the characters, the soundtrack! It felt like an extended movie. Infact it was even better, because I could interact with the environment!
But seriously - really great game. Totally worth the 20 or so hours I've invested on it :) You'll need to have played (and enjoyed) the first game to fully appreciate this. The first game is kinda old now, but is still highly recommended by yours truly.
I can't wait for the next installment!

Monday, 16 October 2006

Ice cream

My favourite ice cream shop is Haagen Dazs. Why?
Because they have a menu option where you don't have to choose a flavour.
Thats the way it should always be. :P

Wednesday, 11 October 2006

She Says The Weirdest Things #34 & #35

"Hmmm. Your iris... they're light brown on the inside and it gets darker as you go out. You're not getting enough sleep"
"Really? I haven't heard of that one before"
"Yeah, 'Coz I just made it up just then"

"Would you rather be ugly or your partner ugly?"
Hmmm.. that's a tough one.

Sunday, 8 October 2006

Frances's Wedding

In Hong Kong, if the wedding invitation says 6:30 - that means you try and get there around 8:30. :)
My friend Sharon and I found this out the hard way!
We got there so early, it was probably the least busy place in the whole of Hong Kong!

Now I've seen a lot of weddings (I was a banquet waiter and I used to work weddings every weekend). I thought I've seen it all. But this was definitely new to me.
I guess they REALLY enjoy mah-jong in Hong Kong. :)

Eventually the guests arrived and thankfully the bride and groom were there too (wouldn't be much of a reception if they weren't there would it?!)
From there it was all talk talk talk with lots of food food food :)
I was gonna stick more pics of the food, but it looked boring. But I assure you -they all tasted veryyyy goood. *chinese accent* It made me full for long time!!

Midway through dinner they played bingo. The thought of winning a bottle of red wine got me all excited!!
Of course I'm cursed with having bad luck. I didn't win.
Im really bad at gambling or chance games.

In fact, I thought I was pretty lucky that out of all the tables in the reception, my table had the most girls (only two guys, 8 young ladies and 2.. um... not so young females). Of course my unluckiness would also curse me by putting me in a table where no one spoke english :(

Will: Hi there beautiful, what's your name?
Hot asian honey: *gives Will a puzzled look. Then passes Will the soy sauce*

Speaking of puzzles, I was wondering why the bride had to go through so many costume changes. Couldn't she satisfy herself with one dress? Hmmm. Must be tradition.
But overall it was a great evening! Met up with my gradeschool friend Pak and uni friend Frances, ate alot of delicious food and experienced a totally different wedding.