Monday, 31 August 2009

MRI Video

This video is so funny. I cried laughing watching this.

20 Under $20 - Mighty Quinn

I've already been to Mighty Quinn before this 20 Under $20 review. I went for a workmate's farewell lunch and from what I remembered, the servings were HUGE and was quite good value for money.

Located on 112 Wanneroo road, the Mighty Quinn had three sections. The front footy section were patrons enjoyed their pints whilst watching Ben Cousins make finger gestures to the camera. There was the live band section. And there was the back most area which was isolated from the tipsy moms jumping around on the dance floor.

That's where we sat.

Note to self - don't order pint sized softdrinks. Huge.

When our orders arrived we were both "OMG that's HUGE!!!" But we didn't sit around admiring the generous servings for too long. We were famished and quickly got into our foods.

Anh's steak is what you call a MAN MEAL!

Carbs galore.

It has wedges.
It has mash potatoes.
It has potato cake.
It even has egg!

I, on the other hand, had the girly meal. Smoked salmon with capers and oysters (I was watching my figure?!)

At first, we were just wolfing down our food.

But when the hunger subsided, we realised we weren't impressed with what we were having.

Anh's steak man-meal was really generous, but the potato cake was something we avoided. It just tasted strange (plus we already had the double carbo loading!) And although the gravy was good, it tasted way way way way way too similar to Gravox gravy.

But I think I was most disappointed with my meal.

The oysters kilpatrick had onions which left a funny taste in our mouths. The salmon was also hard to enjoy. It just didn't have the saltiness and texture I'm familiar with (the salmon looked paler than usual too).

But the bacon bits on the Caesar was the one that broke the camel's back. They used the cheap cubed bacon bits you get from the supermarket rather than real bacon pieces.

My bad for ordering girly food in a pub! But still, we just felt a bit cheated that we weren't getting good quality ingredients. Which is a shame because we both wanted to enjoy our Mighty Quinn experience. The staff were friendly, the place was family friendly (for a pub) and the prices were quite good.

So in the end we decided to give this Irish pub a thumbs down on food, but thumbs up for value.

Friday Fast Track

I got home last Friday and was talking to dad about work when he suddenly experienced really bad pain on his left thigh.

From the expression on his face, I could tell this was serious.

It was the fourth time he's experienced it that day and it was getting worse.

I rushed my dad to Sir Charles Gairdner hospital to get him checked. My dad said the pain comes and goes, but when it comes, it was really bad. When asked by the triage nurse how bad it was, where zero was no pain and ten was like getting your limbs cut off, my dad scored it a ten.

That answer got my dad 'fast tracked', so he'd be seen by a doctor immediately.

I was told later by my brother who's worked in ER that 'immediately' in Emergency means in the next 3 hours.

Which was about right.

Long story short, we spent five hours Friday night waiting for my dad to get examined and tested. And in the end, the doctors couldn't really explain it. Just gave my dad pain killers and put it as a 'muscle inflammation'.

But even though we were annoyed by the doctors who seemed to be working at the speed of snail (they were just chatting and oblivious to the many sick people of emergency), we were very thankful that the ultrasound didn't find anything. We were afraid my dad got DVT, because he had an operation the week before.

Five hours man! There were people with swine flu in there!!!

Anyways my dad is heaps better now and we're all really glad and happy that he's okay.
He even went to Ikea the next day.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Weekend Review

Had the bestest weekend ever. I'm really really grateful for my girlfriend for having made it possible (she's getting extra icing on her birthday cake for this!)

It all started with Shannon Noll last Friday!

I remember when I first heard about Shannon's concert and I told her about it, she told me she didn't want go.

You should have seen how sad I looked (like a puppy dog about to cry).

But thankfully she surprised me a few weeks later with the tickets! Yay :P

I'm a big fan of Shannon Noll's music. I think there's a distinct sadness in his voice which really touches me. His first album we had playing in our house over and over again (I think we were too lazy to change it, but it was quite good in that it didn't annoy us).

I remember nearly crying when I saw his music video, the whole father-son thing was too much!

But yeah, when you hear Shannon talk, he's such a goose. He's always a comedian and he's very down to earth. But even though he sounds funny, his voice is the real deal.

I posted my favourite song from his concert here.

Saturday, I did some stuff for my friends about to get married and then spent the afternoon training. In the evening we had Chinese banquet followed by some much over-due clubbing!

We checked out Eve at Burswood. Its pretty much the same club it replaced (Ruby). The crowd looks nicer, thanks to improved dress standards. But judging from the Sprite-showering we got from a psycho-girl PMSing, the crowd is probably just as feral.

We migrated to Metros afterwards.

I must say, not having been there for a while, I was very impressed! They've lifted the dress standards and have changed music format. But I'm most impressed with the new carpet! Suddenly you didn't have to use your hands help your legs move across the club. The floor was also so sticky!
CrazySexyCool models strutting their stuff @ Metros

And Sunday was bestest. No hangovers and just a very lazy day with my elf girlfriend.

Good times indeed.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Busy Busy Busy

The wheels are in motion!

Lots of activities going on around me and I can feel the chaos that will be the next two months building up. Oh yeah :P

Just this week, I've got to meet up with the wedding organiser @ Parmelia Hilton to sort out what I have to do as MC. Then following that, I have to sort out my brother's buck's night. Then there's SHANNON NOLL this Friday. Throw in a few more projects I have lined up and you have yourself a very merry weekend. The weekends after should be just as busy.

And yes, you did read right! I'm MC-ing my friend's wedding. I'm a bit nervous coz I wouldn't know anyone in the audience. So I'm not sure if my jokes would work. And there's nothing worse than a cold audience. All those one-liners gone to waste!

Speaking of Parmelia Hilton, I'm in this particular hotel doing some I.T. training this week.

Really basic stuff, but really informative. It's really opened up lots of doors for me and I'm really glad I organised this course (took forever to get approved!)

But the best part is the food!
The food is so good! Lunch is always very gourmet - even the meat pies and sausage rolls. We got a nice steak sandwich and beer battered fries for lunch today. I think we're having fish and chips tomorrow or is it prawn sandwiches? For morning and afternoon tea we get croissant, danishes, brownies and even a VERY LARGE CHUNKY KITKAT BAR (there's also fruit platters but who cares about fruit when you get KitKats!!!). Oh man - such an improvement from the crappy canteen food!

But I dunno if its a good thing that I remember the food more than the course material :)

Walking to the hotel, I finally got a chance to explore a bit of the city. And I've noticed that there's a lot of new stores and constructions going around.

Looks like Perth city is moving on up.

I was surprised I saw an Armani store, I think its been there forever, I just haven't noticed. There's also a Burberry store. And I think they're opening up more of the fancy brand stores. There's also that huge new centre near Target.

Near my workplace are some swanky new apartments. There's the new Police precinct in Northbridge and the art centre.

Swanky new apartments through my see-through umbrella.

So lots of new stuff happening everywhere - both in the city and me personally. Good to see the GFC hasn't really bogged Perth down.

Now if only we could get this and that.... then we'll know Perth has hit it big time.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Twiddle Dee Twiddle Dum

I have succumbed to popular pressure.

I am now on Twitter! Hehehe.

Of course I joined purely out of curiosity. Seems like a lot of companies are now on Twitter and I'd like to know what kind of promotions they have and stuff.....

Ok fine. I really just wanted to follow what the celebs are up to. I'm following Ne-Yo and Mariah Carey. More to be added soon :P

I just love how the interwebz provides us with so many things to waste our time on.

1) Ginuwine - "Last Chance" Hahaha this song is awesome. Only a genius could use lyrics like "If I only got one shot to win you, Then call me Jordan fourth quarter in 92"

2) My Nikes! They're so comfy. And I'm liking the red and black and high-cut look. So retro-ish. Bringin' the game back!
3) Loving my new air fresheners. They smell quite nice. Its like "apples" everywhere I go. Plus they look very cute. Pull chicks I reckon'

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Music is magic

I dunno about everybody else, but I've been seeing a lot of police and ambulance incidents lately. Like last Saturday, I saw three separate incidents of people pulled over by cops. And then on Monday, what a corker! In the parking lot, someone got hurt or something 'cos they barricaded a section with police line. And then on the way home, police and ambulance were in Roe street where I saw a really disturbing incident where a guy was lying on the road with his head underneath the driver side of a car! No brains or blood anywhere, but I still can't imagine how he got there in the first place. There was also an ambulance incident in City West just a few hundred metres from under-the-car guy. Then last night, on the Mitchell, HUGE traffic accident. Saw a
smashed up Honda civic.

Crazy stuff. Better take care on the roads.

Anyways, enough of that.

What I wanted to write about was the event I went to last night. I didn't catch the name of the event, but its pretty much a state school musical event with lots of performances from the many different public primary schools in Western Australia.

If you're thinking choirs, glee clubs, home made costumes, you'd be thinking right.

In all honesty, I wasn't too excited about going. This was a very parent-child "I'm-so-proud-of-you-even-though-I'm-sick-to-death-of-hearing-you-play-the-recorder" sort of event.

Now I wouldn't say the performances where super fantastic. There was a 10 year old girl, who sang so professionally Broadway. She was really good. And the school choirs were as you'd expect a group of children singing in harmony would sound like.

But there were some terrible stuff. Songs played half the pace, some played twice the speed. One group got the timing all messed up and ended sounding like a fruit salad of instrumental noise. And ohhhh the violins!! *shudders*.

During the intermission, I saw parents run to the bar for remedy.

And then there was a young woman singing 'Unfaithful' by Rhianna. Good singer, but *GREAT* song choice. That's the kind of song you want kids in the audience aspiring to. Might as well get started early right?

But in the end, I still had a great time.
Year 1 student in bear uniforms? Too cute!

It was just nice seeing the kids work together and make good music.

In one of the numbers, there's a little boy playing the triangle. He might think his role was pretty minor, but from where I was sitting, I think he made their choir song sound complete.

Very inspirational. The event made me realise how great music *is* once again.

'Cos I've been listening to a lot of commercial radio lately and I think that's been clouding my head. They keep on playing songs they've been paid to play. I mean, how much Bom Bom Pow can one take? I've been missing songs with good lyrics and good melody.

So to get back the music, I'm gonna try to listen to a different radio station every day. Learn a song on my guitar and wipe clean the mp3 player! Time to load up on new tunes. I need old albums and new albums. There's so much good music out there and I can't believe I almost stopped looking for them.

Oh, plus more karaoke sessions.