Friday, 24 November 2006

Does fashion have a price tag?

- Gucci handbag = $2000
- Armani Suit = $1000
- Evisu Jeans = $500
- Etc…………

- Having a fashion sense….priceless..

In the ever changing society we live in, with massive billboards, commercial advertising and glossy mags, it seems we are surrounded by an unrealistic image of what society should look like.

With reference to Will’s “Logically Looking Good” Wearing an expensive pair of CK undies…does not make you fashionable…it might make you feel fashionable but then that is not really the reason why you are wearing them right? A $10 pair of Bonds will exactly do the same job, for -$40 less than the CK pair…that’s just logic I think, you can save that $40 bucks and spend it on something more practically.

As a society we can sometimes overindulge ourselves in the world of fashion and designer labels. Where products are made overseas in 3rd world countries and then exported to western countries where we as consumers pay ridiculous amounts of money for that particular item. But why?

Do we have to buy expensive handbags, shoes, clothes ….to be fashionable?
*shrugs* some agrree and some disagree. I myself am not a big spender on overly expensive items…it’s crazy…there are so many factors that you have to think about when slapping that hard earn cash on the counter for a purchase…”do I really need this?” “Is it really worth this much?” obviously yes if you are huge fan of the label.
How many other items can you buy with that money or even better using that extra cash to treat that special someone to an unforgettable night out. But some off us just can’t see that, I mean as the Will maestro says… "a pleasing personality is still a great fashion accessory…and it comes free” or that killer smile.... :)

Thursday, 23 November 2006

Logically Looking Good

There’s been a lot of talk about fashion of lately. My good friend Flip is posting his fashion tips on this blog because I think he's a bit of a fashion guru.

Yesterday the All Men are Liars blog posted results of a nerdy guy makeover they did. They took an average Indian IT guy, gave him a 40-year-old virgin treatment - including the body hair wax treatment, and turned him to a 'how YOUuuu doing' man.

The transformation included a haircut and 3 sets of clothes. The damage, an itchy A$1200.

This was suppose to be an exercise to demonstrate to most guys that making yourself look schmick is affordable. The overwhelming response was ‘are you nuts? that's soo expensive!’.

I think it was the $200 haircut and the $230 sneakers that turned me pale.

On the other hand, most of the females were commenting how they admire guys who looks after themselves. Looking good gives you confidence, something that can't be bought directly. Then there's the underlying psychology that females are attracted to guys who dress and groom well because they present themselves as 'great providers' - someone you can have a family with. I know it sounds too deep, but apparently its embedded within their 'primitive' instincts.

Even FHM and Maxim magazines taunt traditionalist males to move out of their comfort zone and invest more on looking good. But these days its hard to say whats okay and whats not.

Back in Malabon, Philippines, a barber haircut cost me P40. Although you risk getting Hepatities B, the hair trip experience was a lot simpler than the shampoo, cut, hair loss inspection, glossy magazines, air-conditioned, head and shoulder massage treatment from Ricky Reyes. Of course Ricky charged five times more.

And while others might marvel at the head massage experience, I couldn't help but feel gipped because the actual hair cut was ordinary (thats why I went in the first place! although the massage was good - or was that where my money went?!)

You get what you pay for
It may sound trivial, but it’s taken me a long time to appreciate that silk cannot be made from polyester. Gold is not copper and that fake Nike is fake Nike. Quality comes at a cost. So nicer items will always be pricier (except for branded items, you’re paying for the name and not so much the actual item).

So I will accept that some parting from hard earned dosh is necessary. Even the boy scouts have a duty to themselves (after God, country and others of course). So okay, get a haircut, make yourself look good, but please don't spend an arm and a leg doing it!

Bear in mind that some guys will always look good regardless of what they wear, what they do to their skin or what hairstyle they have. And some guys will always look unattractive even in the most fashionably correct designer clothes.

Everyone has his or her own slide rule on what good value is. Its just that some put fashion and looks higher than everything else. The smart ones will invest it on more important things. I’m just amazed on how others can justify $230 sneakers.

Fashion is indeed personal. But a killer smile will win you more looks than having authentic CK undies. Be honest, help someone. Laugh and glow. A pleasing person is very attractive. I know it sounds corny, but a better personality is still a great fashion accessory.

And it comes for free.

Blonde Moments

In my profession, I always have to think ahead.
I have to think of the million possible intepretations from a single sentence.
I have to watch every single thing I say.
That's what I have to do all the time.
If I don’t, it can have serious consequences…

My boyfriend was driving me home last Saturday night when we spotted a car with a Queensland numberplate.

Me “Why is Queensland called the Sunshine state?”
Him “I don’t know”
Me “Hm……I wonder what WA has on its number plate?”
“Far East”

Him (pauses for 3 seconds) “Aren’t we West?”

For those that don’t know, WA stands for Western Australia.

I know I say a lot of strange things (see- She says the weirdest things #34 & #35) but am I not entitled to be blonde sometimes?

Its hard being a smart cookie.

NB: This article means no disrespect to blondes.

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Foot wear #1

Casual, sports, thongs, Flip Flops Sandals, slip-on’s… them what you want, but they each have there own uses and occasions…plus we can’t go out and be fashionable without them…right?

Appropriate footwear to match the occasion is essential but not necessarily always stylish..hmmm sport shoes for sports…yep fine..but sports shoes with jeans, big no no..looks terrible....only little kids where that combo…

Slip on’s are huge at the moment…both for casual wear ie: Vans, Dunlop, Jacks…and for a sophisticated look…try the Hush Puppies, Brando, Aldo…they are classy and will dress up any suit pants or your average jean. Mix and match ..

Suit pants + Vans = semi casual
Jeans + Hush Puppies = Semi casual

Suit pants + Hush puppies = semi formal
Jeans + Vans = casual

Thongs and jeans are a wicked combo, when you just wanna go for a stroll around town during summer… apparently chicks dig this “aussie, surfy, rug-ged” look…btw it will def. steer you away from the FOB stereotype…if you know what I mean :)

Fashion Statement!

Fashion fashion fashion….why do we need fashion?…is it to attract the opposite sex? Or make ourselves feel good? Or is it just a cultural thing?...i think it’s all of the above...

What do you think?

Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Coalition of the Will-ing

To celebrate the beginning of "Project Will" season 2 - I'm inviting a few of my friends to posts articles on this page. On any topic really. From fashion to foot warts. Post your pics, write a protest, do what you want.

Following the new motto of this page, I think this will be a great opportunity to share misguidedness :)

If you want to put a post on this blog, email me on:

Monday, 20 November 2006


Happy birthday to this blog!!
Actually I've been blogging longer than that, but I've decided to celebrate my blog's bday on my 100th post. Yey to me!

Wow - 100 posts. If each posts took 15 minutes to do (which they don't - more like 40 minutes average!!) thats about 25 hours! Thats a lot of time spent in front of the computer without getting paid!

Which brings back the question why I bother with this blog.

Partly because I'm a geek and I love working with computers. Partly because I want to diary episodes of my life. Partly because I want others to see the other me they wouldn't see otherwise. Partly because this activity keeps the creative side of my brain ticking - which would otherwise rot from my day job.

But the primary reason why I blog (and the main reason why I started blogging) was because I wanted to reinvent myself.

I wasn't happy with myself last year, which prompted a new job, a new car, a new haircut, a new lifestyle (no, its not what you're thinking.... i'm still straight)

Funnily enough, today, I'm still trying to re-invent myself. I'm still experimenting with new things. Trying new hairstyles (i'm ala mo-hawk/mullet atm), new ventures (i've set up an online business!), I even got myself new testicles spectacles.

It hasn't always been good, but I'm discovering heaps of new things. Probably why I'm always finding that theres not enough time in the world.

And it seems that it doesn't matter how many times I try to re-invent myself. Sooner or later, I find myself falling back to the same old me.

And I'm cool with that.

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Sweet November

Things are starting to look up. Very up actually :P

  • My sister has given birth to a healthy baby boy. I'm so happy it went through without problems. I've been exposed to countless birth complications stories and the thought of those things happening to my sister gave me the heebejeebees (thanks to my ex ob-gyne mom) Now my worries have melted away, Im glad things went smoothly :)
  • Discovered Napisan is really good for removing stains - awesome for underwear mis-haps.
  • My silly brother actually passed his medical exam! Hahaha. Stupid kid. The egghead actually called me and addressed himself as a doctor. Arrogant bastard! Hehehe. I love the little loser :P Well done bro. Well done :) *sniff *sniff

  • Using a new pad of sticky notes! I love the feel of new stationary!

  • Found out that you can order pizza from Pizzahut online! OMG!! Large pizzas for $4.95 each (P188 ish)! So cheap cheap! "Thats hot" (ala Paris Hilton)

  • My Dad has won a Spanish Sweepstakes lottery! He came third and has rights to claim US$815,644!!! His name was drawn out from a global name database and all he has to do is supply his bank account details to a Nigerian Bank and they'll send us our money! Woo hooo! :P

  • Celebrated a special day with my special someone today. We had brunch and she looked really pretty with her natural blush. I didn't tell her that coz her head would swell - just like her tummy after she ate a meal that could have fed 3 people!! But if I wasn't her boyfriend, I'd still ask her out :)

  • The name for this post is the same name of a movie with Charlize Theron and that guy from The Matrix. Thinking about her is making me happy. Hmmmmm Charlize - now "Thats hot" (ala Paris Hilton).

Monday, 13 November 2006

Two of the same

I was grinning thinking how surprised she'd be with this present. It’s her favourite.
She's gonna be so happy.

I could already see her singing and dancing away.

When I finally gave it to her I was overjoyed by her smile.

So warm and happy.

I love this feeling. Specially when its with your special someone.

But later I find out that another has given her the same thing.

The exact same thing!

Now she has two of her favourite things.

It’s really very disappointing.

It’s as if the smile she's given me, she's now taken away.
My gift feels like its halved in value.

Did you want the receipt so I could exchange it for you?
I couldn't find the words to hide my sadness.


He's gonna be so surprised. We got him this mega cool present and he's gonna be so overwhelmed!

I can see his face glowing with excitement already! hehehe

After he opens up his present from his girlfriend we'll give him ours.

Hehehe. Its so awesome what we're giving him! I can't help but smile.

OH CRAP!! She's given him the same present!
Bwahahaha that’s funny! He saw me laughing hahaha.

We were all thinking of the same thing!

Hehehe. Oh well I guess everyone is thinking the same thing for him.

Later he found our gift. He smiled and thanked us.

His smile saying 'I’m glad you guys really care about me'

'Hehehe no problems bro.'

I later hear him talking with his girlfriend on the phone.

She's asking if he wanted the receipt for her present.

Thursday, 9 November 2006

Buffet November

This has been a bizarre few days. So many things are happening I’m finding it hard to focus and figure out what to do.

Most profound is my brother’s exam. Tomorrow is his last exam after 6 years of medical school. He’s studied and worked so hard and I really am praying and wishing him the very best. I cannot think of anyone more deserving.

He’s been studying since June, not partying like others. He’s gotten this far because of much hard work. But it pains me to see him so stressed. It really does. I can’t wait to hug him and congratulate him next Friday, the medical swearing in. Then I’ll celebrate with him. Baby brother will always be a baby brother. I can’t help but keep watch on him.

Plus he’s my fishing buddy. Can’t fish without him!

And today my sister (who’s due to give birth to her second child any day now) decided to scare the living daylights out of me by calling me and stressing me on the phone that she’s having her baby. She lives about 10 minutes away and I was worried that I needed to drive to her house and then bring her to the hospital. If her water broke in my car I wouldn’t know what to do (about my car.. I know how to get to the hospital :P). But seriously, I’m worried about my sister too.

There’s my kuya (older brother) who’s working night shifts in the hospital and when I see him in the morning I get tired just looking at him. Poor guy has bag eyes like pandas.

Then there are the birthdays (Happy birthday to Ian, Tess, Tita Chita, Melinda, Jon and Lisa), the wedding and the engagement (congratulation to Lisa and Alvin!) this month. Mix with the compounding stress at work coz everyone is trying to get as much done before the holiday season and you’ve got yourself a buffet of events that may be too much for my little plate to handle.

I feel like sleeping and waking up December 24.