Sunday, 12 September 2010

Wedding Month - Survival

Im surviving the last few weeks into our wedding.

I survived week 4 which was my bucks/bachelor's party week.  I had a great time catching up with my friends but nearly lost a liver from the excessive drinking.  Amazon woman was hot. lolz.  I didn't spill my guts, but I think should have as I paid for it dearly the following Sunday.

Week 3 was a weird week.   I was told to go home from work because I was acting 'sick' :P  On the way home my car was hit by a plaster board which broke off from the truck in front of me.  It was scary as hell, like a scene from a movie.  A small propeller hovering from a far, then suddenly spinning its way straight to my car.  There was a moment of silent slow motion and realisation that it was going to hit.  Then BAM! A deafening thud.  Plasterboard stuck my car at speeds at least 100km/hr piercing my windscreen.

The bright side to this is I didn't have to call the repairer to fix a previous chip on my windscreen :P

Having survived the 'plaster of death' I am now fighting my waist line. Lolz.  The birthdays and celebrations this month has meant non-stop eating.  Big dinners and food food food!!  I literally had to roll myself to bed last night for my mom's birthday and father's day dinner.  This morning I went for a jog to work it off, but Pizza for breakfast kinda cancelled it out.  :P  This is my toughest challenge yet.