Friday, 25 March 2011


Went paintballing with Anh, her sister and friends.

Maaaan it was intense!!

I've been paintballing before so I kinda knew what to expect.  But after they demonstrated the new guns during the safety brief,  I got really worried.

These guns were badass!!  They launch the marble-sized paintballs perfectly straight for about 5 metres and still packed a punch at 10 metres.  Plook Plook Plook!  Puff guns of death! lolz.

I should know - I was shot in the head several times and my hearing started 'pinging' like I was grenaded in Call of Duty.  Only this wasn't a video game - the bruising were very real.

My glory moment was when I single-handedly, guarded a tunnel from the attackers.  6 Attackers vs me (with Anh and sister covering me from a post 10 metres behind?! So far!).  I held my ground even though my head was repeatedly shot at.  I was completely blinded from paint dripping inside my mask (I could even taste it!), but I soldiered on.  I held them long enough to draw the game and earn Green team 5 points.

The final full day score for Green team? 5 points   :P

My not so glory moment was when I was running from barrel to barrel for cover.  I was doing really good and got within three metres of the flag!

Then I lost my footing and completely face planted into one of the barrels.  BOOM said my head to the barrel.

Thank you helmet!!   :P

Had a great day although it took a week to recover from the bruising and hurting.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Lychi the Pug

I'd like to introduce the newest member for our family - Lychi the Pug!!

Having a pug has been a lifelong dream for Anh.

Over the years of Anh talking about pugs and seeing pugs on calendars and movies and YouTube clips, posters and cards and toys and everywhere around the house, I've grown fond of their weird yet wonderfully adorable face.

We purchased Lychi from a family of pug breeders in Mundaring, a town in the hills of WA. They were a nice family, obviously animal lovers with three or four pugs running around on the lawn together with a cat and the goat tied to a pole.  Their house didn't have power from a freak storm a few days ago, but they still welcomed us and offered us drinks.

When they finally showed us the puppies, I think my heart melted.  

Eight little pugs in a bucket all staring up to me with their puppy dog eyes.  It would have been a sin to not to take one!

So we took two!  Lolz.

One for us and one for Anh's sisters.

For over a week now, Anh and I have been taking care of our baby Lychi.  She's very smart and is on her way to being fully toilet trained.  She already knows how to come over, sit and (sorta) stay.

She's the most adorable little thing.  She follows us all around the house and sits and lies with us when watching TV or when playing on the PS3.  She sleeps well at night and gets very excited when its dinner time.

When we're at work, she hangs out with her brother Oates who lives not far from us. (I'm quite sure Oates is the goofy one of the siblings - just look at them eyes! lolz).

Certainly, having a puppy is a huge responsibility.  Anh and I are having to wake up early everyday to feed Lychi. (7AM on a Sunday?!!) We're always worrying about getting home early and we're not having second thoughts about going out because we're thinking of who's going to look after our baby.

I know we're sounding like parents, because having a puppy is certainly good training for it.  Instead of diapers I have dog training pads which need replacing.  There's puppy milk to buy.  Have to worry medications and making sure she's not hot or cold at night.

But Lychi is all worth it.  We love her and she's definitely family now.  We can't wait when she's older and we can run around with her and wrestle with her.  

I want to wear her on my head lolz.

She's just so cute.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Income protection emo

What would you do if you were told that you only have five months to live? Or just as important, what would you do if your partner had only five months to live?

I know this is such a gloomy subject. And I know I'm sounding like a life insurance salesman but these questions hit me real hard a few weeks ago. A few freaky things happened which reminded me just how fragile life is and that were on borrowed time.

It hit me specially hard because I'm at a really happy stage of my life. The thought of not being able to see my wife or my family was a real gut wrencher.

I remember being asked if I had income protection, which I dont. I figured if something tragic were to happen to me or my wife, then our lifestyle would have to change to meet that change. Plus with the both of us working, thats probably as good as income protection. But what's the point of protecting income when surely life is more important?

I guess all I'm really saying is where my priority in life is. Its not on a house, a car, a job or lifestyle. Its seeing those I love smile and laugh and cry and all things in between. What would be the point of having money without anyone to spend it on?