Thursday, 22 January 2009

Nuffnang Perth Blog Meet

Yesterday I went to my first ever blog meet!  Thank you Nuffnang for organising this!

To me, bloggers in Perth are about as rare as numbats.


There's definitely Perth bloggers out there, but you actually have to dig pretty deep to find them (or maybe they are purposely avoiding me?). 

Where as Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines are practically drowning with bloggers! So the opportunity to meet Perth based (Perthians) bloggers was not to be missed.

Plus Nuffnang dangled the 'free nibbles and drink' carrot! hehehe

Who says no to freebies?

To me, blogging is all about sharing.  Sharing discoveries and experiences so we can all enrich each other lives. And its really just nice to meet like-minded people.

Kinda like the support group I frequent.

That night I met Mesha from KL, Ryu also from KL and Eugene from New Zealand. Sam too.  Marie was there, but I didn't get a chance to speak to her, the poor girl was too busy avoiding bouncers.

There were the big wigs.  The Australian Nuffnang directors Martyn and David.
David explaining big brand clients
And Nuffnang Co-founder Ming.

Also Karen Cheng! Big big big big time blogger!  #12 in the Top 100 Female bloggers in the world!
And she's from Perth!!  Imagine that.

She has a 'pose' named after her and has a big Facebook groupie.
Really quite inspiring.

Maybe one day I will be like her.

Not pregnant with a second baby.

But a big time blogger.


Mesha said...

Hahaha a comment completely out of your post topic. You're the 2nd person who has said that Ha-lu's beef tataki is the best and I totally agree with it! They've changed the menu now. They added soft shell crab and it's so darn good!

Literally food orgasm! The senses alight and oh! Your tastebuds just squirm with excitement and the curling of the toes! Ah! Such delight!

I still disagree about Taka's though :Pi

Will said...

hahah that defintely sounds good! i've never had toe-curlingly good crabs before!

Mesha said...

Oh yes, and you better believe it!
It's cooked in a creamy sauce which enhances the texture of the soft shell crab.

Mm. Everything at Ha-Lu's good. The only one that I think is served in a reasonable proportion is the bento meals. Damn they are good. I finished every single thing [crumbs included]!

Mrylove said...

Yeah, I was too busy avoiding bouncers!
And unfortunately, I was too scared to start conversations with people.
But hey, I saw you there and that was cool. (:

PS: I think Karen Cheng is pregnant with her third child, not second. :O