Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Gong Xi Fa Coi Oi Oi!

There's been an explosion of Australian patriotism this year!

Everywhere I go, Aussie flags are waving around.  
Especially cars! So many cars driving around with mini Aussie flags stuck on the windows.

Skippy and the Kangaroo

Not that there's anything wrong with that.  I think that's fair dinkun' olright! The wiieeeh rippas!
It's just, these flags are probably made in China, so it kinda puts a slanted irony to the whole patriotism thing :S

The other irony to Australia Day is that it's also Chinese New year! 

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

I scored myself another red packet!   Which is almost awesome...


Almost because my family don't really celebrate Chinese new year (Its just not there in the Filipino festivities calendar).

I feel guilty when I'm given red packets.  

I feel like a Chinese-fraud! (Imagine that.... a fake Chinese!!)

In fact, I'm so guilt-stricken by these gifts, that I've not spent a single dollar from the red packets.  They're all there stashed in my drawers, just in-case the big Red Packet Gods find out that I don't actually celebrate the new year and punish me by taking the money back!  We'll it's all there if you want it back!!

Any hows, I had originally planned on cleaning up my room on Monday, but I was told that if I did that, I'd be spending the rest of the year cleaning up.   Chinese superstition?

Still, I'm not one to risk it.. (or pass the chance NOT to clean up).

So instead I watched lots of YouTube and binged-ate on these Hong Kong lollies my sister gave me.  

So addictive......... until I ate a marshmallow one with Red bean paste inside. bleeeeack!  

Cursed red beans!!


Mrylove said...

I managed to get two red packets yesterday. :D
Did you watch the fireworks yesterday?

Will said...

Wow - you're rolling in the riches this week Marie - Plus the double pay for work as well!

Yeah, sadly i missed the fireworks. Although my dog was barking like crazy coz she could hear it.