Monday, 31 August 2009

20 Under $20 - Mighty Quinn

I've already been to Mighty Quinn before this 20 Under $20 review. I went for a workmate's farewell lunch and from what I remembered, the servings were HUGE and was quite good value for money.

Located on 112 Wanneroo road, the Mighty Quinn had three sections. The front footy section were patrons enjoyed their pints whilst watching Ben Cousins make finger gestures to the camera. There was the live band section. And there was the back most area which was isolated from the tipsy moms jumping around on the dance floor.

That's where we sat.

Note to self - don't order pint sized softdrinks. Huge.

When our orders arrived we were both "OMG that's HUGE!!!" But we didn't sit around admiring the generous servings for too long. We were famished and quickly got into our foods.

Anh's steak is what you call a MAN MEAL!

Carbs galore.

It has wedges.
It has mash potatoes.
It has potato cake.
It even has egg!

I, on the other hand, had the girly meal. Smoked salmon with capers and oysters (I was watching my figure?!)

At first, we were just wolfing down our food.

But when the hunger subsided, we realised we weren't impressed with what we were having.

Anh's steak man-meal was really generous, but the potato cake was something we avoided. It just tasted strange (plus we already had the double carbo loading!) And although the gravy was good, it tasted way way way way way too similar to Gravox gravy.

But I think I was most disappointed with my meal.

The oysters kilpatrick had onions which left a funny taste in our mouths. The salmon was also hard to enjoy. It just didn't have the saltiness and texture I'm familiar with (the salmon looked paler than usual too).

But the bacon bits on the Caesar was the one that broke the camel's back. They used the cheap cubed bacon bits you get from the supermarket rather than real bacon pieces.

My bad for ordering girly food in a pub! But still, we just felt a bit cheated that we weren't getting good quality ingredients. Which is a shame because we both wanted to enjoy our Mighty Quinn experience. The staff were friendly, the place was family friendly (for a pub) and the prices were quite good.

So in the end we decided to give this Irish pub a thumbs down on food, but thumbs up for value.

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