Thursday, 16 April 2009

20 Under $20 - Llama Bar

I've only been to Llama Bar a couple of times.  

My last memory was stopping over during a Subiaco Pub crawl with my brother, cousins and Anh.  We went from one club (or pub) to another and I remember ordering a shot of WasabeVodka at Llama.  

And yes, it was as disgusting as it sounds.

Thankfully this trip to Llama Bar, Subiaco was not for another round of Wasabe Vodka.  

Its to try the infamous $10 steak in our 20 Under $20 list!

First thing you need to know is its technically not $10.  You need to buy a drink at the bar first, where you can then order your meal. 

I bought a vodka-lemonade for $8.

So $18 for porter house steak, mashies, swanky-sophisticated subi atmosphere and an alcoholic drink - that's pretty steakaliciously good value!

Speaking of atmosphere, you definitely get that yuppie feeling at Llama's.  The modern furnishing, the turntable pumping chill-out tunes and the mood lighting.  The place fills up quickly with young professionals.  Well, except maybe for the old couple who sat at the corner who was obviously only there for the cheap steak.

Though I must say, the chill-out music was not very chill-out. It was actually quite loud. Conversation with Anh was spent mostly asking her to repeat what she said and her telling me to repeat what I said.   Maybe we're just getting old (like the couple in the corner).

There's a stage for stand up comedy and live performances later that night 

The food came out quickly and looked fantastic! The steak portion was generous and was cooked beautifully.
Anh's mushroomly saucy steak

For its price, I'd give the steak 9/10 for awesomeness (I would give it 10 if it made me lose weight... and made me richer...  and more attractive)

The potatoes I'd probably give a 3/10   :(

Not that it tasted bad.  It just came out room temperature cold.  Both Anh and I got cold potatoes :(
My afterwork look.  Apparently I look like a waiter.  A fellow customer started giving me her orders whilst I was waiting.  I think she was drunk.  Or maybe she was trying to pick me up.....

Now if your imagination is as colourful as mine's, then thinking about why your mashies would be cold would ruin your appetite.  

This was a real shame because the cold potatoes took the thunder from an otherwise awesome steak meal.

So for the Llama Bar $10 steaks, thumbs up for value, but no thumbs for the food taste.

And still a thumbs down for Wasabe vodka.


SK said...

That's one good looking hunk of meat! :) MMMmmmm . . red meat . . .

Will said...

yeah, meat is good. :P

potatoes not so good :(

do you know of good value steak places in sydney sk?

SK said...

Definitely! There's an amazing steak place for $7.90 very delicious. Also pub steak where you can cook your own for $11 (plus all the salad you want).