Thursday, 14 July 2011

Back to School

I'm back at school!!

Well - pseudo-school anyways :) I'm doing distance-education which is studying by correspondence.  The study in our house is my campus.  And it's an awesome campus! I can go to class in my PJ's, Lychi is my classmate and the kitchen is literally just around the corner! SWEET!!!!

I got my student card last week which is so HORRENDOUS I can't even bare looking at it.  *shiver*

But really, I'm very excited about studying again.

It sounds weird for me to say that considering how painful it was when I studied almost ten years ago.  But I think it makes a big difference being in industry for a while.  I think I have a better perspective on what's  important (or at least what's relevant) and I'm truly interested in the units I picked.

I'm absorbing information like sponge.   Well..  whether or not that knowledge is leaking out - that's another story.

Alrights - back to study.... soon lolz.