Monday, 31 August 2009

Friday Fast Track

I got home last Friday and was talking to dad about work when he suddenly experienced really bad pain on his left thigh.

From the expression on his face, I could tell this was serious.

It was the fourth time he's experienced it that day and it was getting worse.

I rushed my dad to Sir Charles Gairdner hospital to get him checked. My dad said the pain comes and goes, but when it comes, it was really bad. When asked by the triage nurse how bad it was, where zero was no pain and ten was like getting your limbs cut off, my dad scored it a ten.

That answer got my dad 'fast tracked', so he'd be seen by a doctor immediately.

I was told later by my brother who's worked in ER that 'immediately' in Emergency means in the next 3 hours.

Which was about right.

Long story short, we spent five hours Friday night waiting for my dad to get examined and tested. And in the end, the doctors couldn't really explain it. Just gave my dad pain killers and put it as a 'muscle inflammation'.

But even though we were annoyed by the doctors who seemed to be working at the speed of snail (they were just chatting and oblivious to the many sick people of emergency), we were very thankful that the ultrasound didn't find anything. We were afraid my dad got DVT, because he had an operation the week before.

Five hours man! There were people with swine flu in there!!!

Anyways my dad is heaps better now and we're all really glad and happy that he's okay.
He even went to Ikea the next day.

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