Sunday, 23 August 2009

Weekend Review

Had the bestest weekend ever. I'm really really grateful for my girlfriend for having made it possible (she's getting extra icing on her birthday cake for this!)

It all started with Shannon Noll last Friday!

I remember when I first heard about Shannon's concert and I told her about it, she told me she didn't want go.

You should have seen how sad I looked (like a puppy dog about to cry).

But thankfully she surprised me a few weeks later with the tickets! Yay :P

I'm a big fan of Shannon Noll's music. I think there's a distinct sadness in his voice which really touches me. His first album we had playing in our house over and over again (I think we were too lazy to change it, but it was quite good in that it didn't annoy us).

I remember nearly crying when I saw his music video, the whole father-son thing was too much!

But yeah, when you hear Shannon talk, he's such a goose. He's always a comedian and he's very down to earth. But even though he sounds funny, his voice is the real deal.

I posted my favourite song from his concert here.

Saturday, I did some stuff for my friends about to get married and then spent the afternoon training. In the evening we had Chinese banquet followed by some much over-due clubbing!

We checked out Eve at Burswood. Its pretty much the same club it replaced (Ruby). The crowd looks nicer, thanks to improved dress standards. But judging from the Sprite-showering we got from a psycho-girl PMSing, the crowd is probably just as feral.

We migrated to Metros afterwards.

I must say, not having been there for a while, I was very impressed! They've lifted the dress standards and have changed music format. But I'm most impressed with the new carpet! Suddenly you didn't have to use your hands help your legs move across the club. The floor was also so sticky!
CrazySexyCool models strutting their stuff @ Metros

And Sunday was bestest. No hangovers and just a very lazy day with my elf girlfriend.

Good times indeed.

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