Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Busy Busy Busy

The wheels are in motion!

Lots of activities going on around me and I can feel the chaos that will be the next two months building up. Oh yeah :P

Just this week, I've got to meet up with the wedding organiser @ Parmelia Hilton to sort out what I have to do as MC. Then following that, I have to sort out my brother's buck's night. Then there's SHANNON NOLL this Friday. Throw in a few more projects I have lined up and you have yourself a very merry weekend. The weekends after should be just as busy.

And yes, you did read right! I'm MC-ing my friend's wedding. I'm a bit nervous coz I wouldn't know anyone in the audience. So I'm not sure if my jokes would work. And there's nothing worse than a cold audience. All those one-liners gone to waste!

Speaking of Parmelia Hilton, I'm in this particular hotel doing some I.T. training this week.

Really basic stuff, but really informative. It's really opened up lots of doors for me and I'm really glad I organised this course (took forever to get approved!)

But the best part is the food!
The food is so good! Lunch is always very gourmet - even the meat pies and sausage rolls. We got a nice steak sandwich and beer battered fries for lunch today. I think we're having fish and chips tomorrow or is it prawn sandwiches? For morning and afternoon tea we get croissant, danishes, brownies and even a VERY LARGE CHUNKY KITKAT BAR (there's also fruit platters but who cares about fruit when you get KitKats!!!). Oh man - such an improvement from the crappy canteen food!

But I dunno if its a good thing that I remember the food more than the course material :)

Walking to the hotel, I finally got a chance to explore a bit of the city. And I've noticed that there's a lot of new stores and constructions going around.

Looks like Perth city is moving on up.

I was surprised I saw an Armani store, I think its been there forever, I just haven't noticed. There's also a Burberry store. And I think they're opening up more of the fancy brand stores. There's also that huge new centre near Target.

Near my workplace are some swanky new apartments. There's the new Police precinct in Northbridge and the art centre.

Swanky new apartments through my see-through umbrella.

So lots of new stuff happening everywhere - both in the city and me personally. Good to see the GFC hasn't really bogged Perth down.

Now if only we could get this and that.... then we'll know Perth has hit it big time.

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