Monday, 13 November 2006

Two of the same

I was grinning thinking how surprised she'd be with this present. It’s her favourite.
She's gonna be so happy.

I could already see her singing and dancing away.

When I finally gave it to her I was overjoyed by her smile.

So warm and happy.

I love this feeling. Specially when its with your special someone.

But later I find out that another has given her the same thing.

The exact same thing!

Now she has two of her favourite things.

It’s really very disappointing.

It’s as if the smile she's given me, she's now taken away.
My gift feels like its halved in value.

Did you want the receipt so I could exchange it for you?
I couldn't find the words to hide my sadness.


He's gonna be so surprised. We got him this mega cool present and he's gonna be so overwhelmed!

I can see his face glowing with excitement already! hehehe

After he opens up his present from his girlfriend we'll give him ours.

Hehehe. Its so awesome what we're giving him! I can't help but smile.

OH CRAP!! She's given him the same present!
Bwahahaha that’s funny! He saw me laughing hahaha.

We were all thinking of the same thing!

Hehehe. Oh well I guess everyone is thinking the same thing for him.

Later he found our gift. He smiled and thanked us.

His smile saying 'I’m glad you guys really care about me'

'Hehehe no problems bro.'

I later hear him talking with his girlfriend on the phone.

She's asking if he wanted the receipt for her present.

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