Thursday, 9 November 2006

Buffet November

This has been a bizarre few days. So many things are happening I’m finding it hard to focus and figure out what to do.

Most profound is my brother’s exam. Tomorrow is his last exam after 6 years of medical school. He’s studied and worked so hard and I really am praying and wishing him the very best. I cannot think of anyone more deserving.

He’s been studying since June, not partying like others. He’s gotten this far because of much hard work. But it pains me to see him so stressed. It really does. I can’t wait to hug him and congratulate him next Friday, the medical swearing in. Then I’ll celebrate with him. Baby brother will always be a baby brother. I can’t help but keep watch on him.

Plus he’s my fishing buddy. Can’t fish without him!

And today my sister (who’s due to give birth to her second child any day now) decided to scare the living daylights out of me by calling me and stressing me on the phone that she’s having her baby. She lives about 10 minutes away and I was worried that I needed to drive to her house and then bring her to the hospital. If her water broke in my car I wouldn’t know what to do (about my car.. I know how to get to the hospital :P). But seriously, I’m worried about my sister too.

There’s my kuya (older brother) who’s working night shifts in the hospital and when I see him in the morning I get tired just looking at him. Poor guy has bag eyes like pandas.

Then there are the birthdays (Happy birthday to Ian, Tess, Tita Chita, Melinda, Jon and Lisa), the wedding and the engagement (congratulation to Lisa and Alvin!) this month. Mix with the compounding stress at work coz everyone is trying to get as much done before the holiday season and you’ve got yourself a buffet of events that may be too much for my little plate to handle.

I feel like sleeping and waking up December 24.


Talamasca said...

My older sis is in med school. And she's scaring the shit out of me, because she's acting all overachiever and bitchy-when-bothered and all. And I'm afraid that I'm gonna be like that when it's my turn to go doctor-doctor in the near future as well.

Anyhoo, best of luck to you. :-)

bing said...

good luck to your bro..

prepare a 12 inch plate to handle everything that's coming... :-)

Will said...

hehehe. overachiever people are scary when living with them. but i had an overachiever classmate in uni. now i see her picture and article in industry newsletters.

im amazed how far she's reached.

so im all thumbs up for overachievers.

Will said...

thanks bing!

he actually had his medical swearing in ceremony today. Both my parents didn't go to work just to see him recite his hippocratic oath.

its all good.

and yes, i need a big plate - specially with christmas around the corner :)