Thursday, 23 November 2006

Blonde Moments

In my profession, I always have to think ahead.
I have to think of the million possible intepretations from a single sentence.
I have to watch every single thing I say.
That's what I have to do all the time.
If I don’t, it can have serious consequences…

My boyfriend was driving me home last Saturday night when we spotted a car with a Queensland numberplate.

Me “Why is Queensland called the Sunshine state?”
Him “I don’t know”
Me “Hm……I wonder what WA has on its number plate?”
“Far East”

Him (pauses for 3 seconds) “Aren’t we West?”

For those that don’t know, WA stands for Western Australia.

I know I say a lot of strange things (see- She says the weirdest things #34 & #35) but am I not entitled to be blonde sometimes?

Its hard being a smart cookie.

NB: This article means no disrespect to blondes.

1 comment:

Will said...

Everyone is entitled to a silly moment once in a while.
Its just funny when you do it because you're so suppose to be a professional all the time.