Thursday, 23 November 2006

Logically Looking Good

There’s been a lot of talk about fashion of lately. My good friend Flip is posting his fashion tips on this blog because I think he's a bit of a fashion guru.

Yesterday the All Men are Liars blog posted results of a nerdy guy makeover they did. They took an average Indian IT guy, gave him a 40-year-old virgin treatment - including the body hair wax treatment, and turned him to a 'how YOUuuu doing' man.

The transformation included a haircut and 3 sets of clothes. The damage, an itchy A$1200.

This was suppose to be an exercise to demonstrate to most guys that making yourself look schmick is affordable. The overwhelming response was ‘are you nuts? that's soo expensive!’.

I think it was the $200 haircut and the $230 sneakers that turned me pale.

On the other hand, most of the females were commenting how they admire guys who looks after themselves. Looking good gives you confidence, something that can't be bought directly. Then there's the underlying psychology that females are attracted to guys who dress and groom well because they present themselves as 'great providers' - someone you can have a family with. I know it sounds too deep, but apparently its embedded within their 'primitive' instincts.

Even FHM and Maxim magazines taunt traditionalist males to move out of their comfort zone and invest more on looking good. But these days its hard to say whats okay and whats not.

Back in Malabon, Philippines, a barber haircut cost me P40. Although you risk getting Hepatities B, the hair trip experience was a lot simpler than the shampoo, cut, hair loss inspection, glossy magazines, air-conditioned, head and shoulder massage treatment from Ricky Reyes. Of course Ricky charged five times more.

And while others might marvel at the head massage experience, I couldn't help but feel gipped because the actual hair cut was ordinary (thats why I went in the first place! although the massage was good - or was that where my money went?!)

You get what you pay for
It may sound trivial, but it’s taken me a long time to appreciate that silk cannot be made from polyester. Gold is not copper and that fake Nike is fake Nike. Quality comes at a cost. So nicer items will always be pricier (except for branded items, you’re paying for the name and not so much the actual item).

So I will accept that some parting from hard earned dosh is necessary. Even the boy scouts have a duty to themselves (after God, country and others of course). So okay, get a haircut, make yourself look good, but please don't spend an arm and a leg doing it!

Bear in mind that some guys will always look good regardless of what they wear, what they do to their skin or what hairstyle they have. And some guys will always look unattractive even in the most fashionably correct designer clothes.

Everyone has his or her own slide rule on what good value is. Its just that some put fashion and looks higher than everything else. The smart ones will invest it on more important things. I’m just amazed on how others can justify $230 sneakers.

Fashion is indeed personal. But a killer smile will win you more looks than having authentic CK undies. Be honest, help someone. Laugh and glow. A pleasing person is very attractive. I know it sounds corny, but a better personality is still a great fashion accessory.

And it comes for free.


FLip said...

Awesome post dude....I just hope a lot of girls out there read this but they don't have to totally agree...just something for them to think about..hehehe

Keep it Real Willi!

Will said...

its very different with most girls though - fashion is VERY big deal. this post was aimed for guys who gets facials and nails done.