Friday, 24 November 2006

Does fashion have a price tag?

- Gucci handbag = $2000
- Armani Suit = $1000
- Evisu Jeans = $500
- Etc…………

- Having a fashion sense….priceless..

In the ever changing society we live in, with massive billboards, commercial advertising and glossy mags, it seems we are surrounded by an unrealistic image of what society should look like.

With reference to Will’s “Logically Looking Good” Wearing an expensive pair of CK undies…does not make you fashionable…it might make you feel fashionable but then that is not really the reason why you are wearing them right? A $10 pair of Bonds will exactly do the same job, for -$40 less than the CK pair…that’s just logic I think, you can save that $40 bucks and spend it on something more practically.

As a society we can sometimes overindulge ourselves in the world of fashion and designer labels. Where products are made overseas in 3rd world countries and then exported to western countries where we as consumers pay ridiculous amounts of money for that particular item. But why?

Do we have to buy expensive handbags, shoes, clothes ….to be fashionable?
*shrugs* some agrree and some disagree. I myself am not a big spender on overly expensive items…it’s crazy…there are so many factors that you have to think about when slapping that hard earn cash on the counter for a purchase…”do I really need this?” “Is it really worth this much?” obviously yes if you are huge fan of the label.
How many other items can you buy with that money or even better using that extra cash to treat that special someone to an unforgettable night out. But some off us just can’t see that, I mean as the Will maestro says… "a pleasing personality is still a great fashion accessory…and it comes free” or that killer smile.... :)


Talamasca said...

What's with all the fashion thingamabobs posted here? O_o

Anyhoo, that Borat guy intrigues me big time. Ok I'm off to buy me a copy of the movie or something. :-)

Will said...

i dunno. my friend Flip is obsessed with fashion. ill post something un-fashionable next.

Who's borat?

Talamasca said...

The guy on that photo is Borat. More here

FLip said...

What you don't know who Borat is ???!! geez Will..

btw i'm not obsessed with fashion...just come natural...hahahahah

Peace out homies =P

manel said...

what is borat?

anyways we dnt have to buy expensive stuff to be fashionable. :)

FLip said...

That's what i like to hear...Psyche :)