Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Foot wear #1

Casual, sports, thongs, Flip Flops Sandals, slip-on’s… them what you want, but they each have there own uses and occasions…plus we can’t go out and be fashionable without them…right?

Appropriate footwear to match the occasion is essential but not necessarily always stylish..hmmm sport shoes for sports…yep fine..but sports shoes with jeans, big no no..looks terrible....only little kids where that combo…

Slip on’s are huge at the moment…both for casual wear ie: Vans, Dunlop, Jacks…and for a sophisticated look…try the Hush Puppies, Brando, Aldo…they are classy and will dress up any suit pants or your average jean. Mix and match ..

Suit pants + Vans = semi casual
Jeans + Hush Puppies = Semi casual

Suit pants + Hush puppies = semi formal
Jeans + Vans = casual

Thongs and jeans are a wicked combo, when you just wanna go for a stroll around town during summer… apparently chicks dig this “aussie, surfy, rug-ged” look…btw it will def. steer you away from the FOB stereotype…if you know what I mean :)

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