Sunday, 11 November 2007

Justin does Perth

1 - Ha-lu, Leederville
2 - Timbaland feat One Republic - Apologize
3 - God of War

Perth has just gone through a fever.

Justin Timberlake fever.

Mr Timberlake just finished touring the country on his Future Sex Love Show.

And 'damn girl'. This guy was just too awesome!

Justin played the piano.

Justin played the guitar.

Justin turned his groove on.

Anne reckons he looked hot even when drinking water!

I guess if I were a girl ('if' is the key operative word), I'd join the army of hot and bothered girls screaming their heads off for Justin. He was pretty awesome.

Only sign of a guy in this photo is the bald head in the foreground

There were plenty of them hot and bothered girls in the concert.

There were maybe a handful of guys but I'm pretty sure they weren't 100% concentrating on Justin.

My bro said :
"I'd like to do a TUBE on them dancers.."
"Tube? what's a tube?"
"Totally Unnecessary Breast Examination.."


But yeah, Justin would understand. He's pretty casual, cool and laid back.

He even drank tequilla (tokillya') to toast Perth. This was his first time in Perth, second time in Magpie land.

But yeah, great show Mr Timberlake. I knew I bought your jeans for a reason.

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