Friday, 30 November 2007

Job Descriptions

1) Utopia in Myaree – they have cakes!! Yakitate Japan style!
2) Ministry of Sound Annual 2008 – Disc 3
3) C&C3 – love them cheesy actors

"So, what exactly do you do? I mean, you told me where you work, but what exactly do you do there?"

For this question I have two pre-made answers.

One I call is ‘Wooooooo’ answer.

Purposely designed with an even use of corporate terms and technical jargon and eight syllable words. Wow - is the usual response. Of course it’s the answer made to impress.

Then there’s the ‘Oooooow’ answer.

The overly over-simplified version of my job. I tell them I’m in front of the PC, make phone calls, go to meetings and do paperwork.

The same way Bill Gates or this guy or this guy can say the same thing when they over simply their job descriptions.

Now I'm not saying I'm in the same level as these top dogs - but if were talking casually, there's no need to get to the nitty gritty of things.

Yet for soooome stooopidly unknown reason, I always find people who take my overly over simplified explanation seriously.

‘So you’re a _____?’

Which in my mind is the same occupational level as mould and the crusty bits on public toilet seats.

I feel like slapping them with a trout.

Maybe I should just say I’m a prostitute. Because really, I use my time and body to get paid.

But sheeze, even prostitutes are better than mould and crusty bits on toilet seats.

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