Friday, 2 November 2007


1 - Prince of Tennis. Buuuurning!
2 - Pizza I made using the Ultimate Pizza Sauce
3 - Gimme More Lame video, but this song is off the hook!

Probably one of the things I fear the most is going stale.

And I don't mean shrivelled saggy nip-tuck kind of stale, I mean stale - not moving, stagnant kind of stale.

My fridge experiment - I call this piece "untouched tomato"

Being 'stuck in a rut' as they say.

In Jim Thorton's article "You are in Rutsville - Time for a change?" he quotes an experiment where 36 rats were put in three different environment.

The "impoverished" environment put rats in solitary confinement. There was the "standard" environment where the rats share a larger room and there was the "enriched" environment where the rats have a large room with toys and wheels, mazes and ladders - a Disneyland for rats.

A month later the rats' brains were examined and unsurprisingly - the rats in the enriched environment had thicker brain cortex's and the solitary confinement rats had shriveled brains.
The conclusion - activity and stimulation in the brain equals good. Non-activity and stimulation equals shrivelness.

And we all know guys don't like shrivelness.

Lettuce left for long periods start to ferment in their own juices

I put the Inert in Inertia

The last few months that's what I've been feeling.

Stuck in a rut.

I've been caught up in the fanfare of everyone else's affairs, its left me with little time to pursue my own personal endeavours.

Thankfully that time has now passed.

Last time we ate this dish it didn't have cotton on it

Fresh new stuff are on its way.

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bingskee said...

i will remember that - Non-activity and stimulation equals shrivelness. the difference is we humans feel the onset of the effects of inactivity giving us time to act on it. isnt it great to be human?