Friday, 26 June 2009

Rest in peace Michael

I woke up to news today of Michael Jackson's death.

For a while I sat in bed blankly staring at the wall.

I'm shocked and saddened. Someone who's influenced me and so many fans with his good will and music is now gone.

Throughout my growing years, his songs were the soundtrack of so many little chapters.

The earliest I can remember was when I was eight. Before I went to sleep, I would listen to his cassette using my moms portable radio with orange headphones. Smooth criminal. I would play this song over and over again (I didn't know who Annie was or what the song was really about. I must have just really enjoyed the melody and rhythm of it all. Plus the alternative was the Phil Collins tape).

My first year in Australia was marked with MJ's song Black or White. My cousins and I even did a dance routine to it.

Fan highlight would be going to the HIStory concert.

What a show that was. It was everything I'd expect from a king.

And then some.

Even with all the weirdness that happened later in his life, there is no denying how great a humanitarian and performer he was.

Thank you for all that you have given us.

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