Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Geeks are People Too

We've finally finished watching Beauty and the Geek Season 4!

I really enjoyed watching this show.  I'm feeling a bit hollow now that I won't be seeing my geek friends anymore.   :(

Yes, that's right!  In the twelve or so episodes, I feel like I've connected with the geeks of this show!

Beauty and Geek is a reality TV show which pairs ten very smart but socially-defunct  guys with ten very attractive, but airhead-like young women.   

The social experiment hopes to make positive transformations of the contestants to more balanced individuals.

Jennifer the Cigar Model is quite familiar with balancing...

I've actually reviewed a previous season here.

Season Four's special twist was having a guy beauty and a girl geek!

Nicole and Metro Man Sam

I just love the show because I really do feel for the geeks.  

One of the geeks, Tony, is an Asian Biomedical Engineer. I was like - OMG its me!!!  
My girlfriend was laughing out loud when she saw him.  I think its her way of coping with the realisation that her boyfriend is a geek.   Then again, I did forewarn her that I'm a geek, trapped in a hunk's body.

In the show, I can very much relate to what makes the geeks happy,  their frustrations,  insecurities and weaknesses.  Like asking a girl to the prom or over analysing things or trying so hard and stuffing up in the end.  

And it just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when they triumph over their tribulations and inch one step closer to their goal of just being a normal guy.

But rather than bore you with episodic blow by blow and spoil the show, I'll instead share some interesting observations from the show.  

One of them is that geeks are very easy to go on power trips.  Sprinkle them with a little attention and suddenly they feel like the sun revolves around them.  

I recall a memory of my Year 7 camp.  The last night, we had a mini-disco and everyone was circling around me because I was the only guy dancing and I could do the running-man!  All eyes on me.  Imagine all that attention! 

I was glowing with pride.  I felt like I could conquer the world!  But it got to my head and for some bizarre reason, I was playing matchmaker the next day.  My dancing spectacle has apparently made me a Dr Phil.  

If I could only travel back in time and smack myself on the head.

Back to the show, my favourite moment was during the makeover episode.  

One of the geeks was going on about the price of their clothes.  Like me, the geeks were very price driven. Price over style they say.
"I can get six shirts for the same price" complains one of the geeks.  
The makeover girl returns with, 
"I dunno...   or just get one shirt and just look fabulous!"
And just like the geek, I was stunned by the simplicity and logic of the answer.  

There's so many other pearls of wisdom from the show.  But one that you should definitely take home is that if you really want to be something else, someone better, you just need to open your mind and do it.

Go the g33ks.


SK said...

Never actually seen this series. Might be tempted to chase up an episode or 2.

Will said...

Yeah, definitely check out an episode. its hilarious. im trying to get the latest season now.