Saturday, 2 May 2009

May Randoms

I'm loving this month of May.

I'm getting a very positive vibe with all the new things that's happening.

One of them things is getting my Krudd stimulus package :P  Happy days!  Nothings beats getting money for nothing!  

Needless to say, April was a shocking month for me.  Sickness crippled me and made work and home life very phlegmmy and miserable. 


Salmon pasta @ Mulluloo Beach Hotel
Steamboat @ Shilla Korean BBQ
Pancakes @ Wild Fig

Totally loving the episodes of Masterchef.  I can't wait for an episode when someone cooks something and totally blows away the judges on how spectacular the dish with anime style reactions where they faint or fly or something hehehe.


1) Flo Rida feat Ne-yo - Be On You - Awesome song!! I remember playing it repeat five times. My favourite song atm.
2) Picross DS - This game is annoyingly mathematically ADDICTIVE! If you have a DS, this is a must!
3) Seoul Korean BBQ - Korean BBQ and steam boat!  I left this place looking 4 months pregnant! Just love wrapping Korean BBQ and lettuce and stuffing it in my mouth!

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SK said...

Those pancakes look so thick and delicious!! Wow . . .