Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Car Envy

It seems like the financial crisis has not phased people at all!  
Everyone's buying new cars!  Its crazy stuff. 

Last week my brother bought a new car!  Then my brothers friend bought a new car.

And this week my dad's been jumping from one yard to another looking for his new set of wheels.

Owww how I envy them both!!

Maybe this new-car fever is contagious and I might catch it?

I wish.


But its an event long over due.  

My brother's 1995 Mitsubishi Lancer has clocked over 250,000kms and sounds like a chain smoker with a bad case of emphysema.  Its got chocolate and Coca-cola stains all over the tethered upholstery.  

And for some reason, the rear bumper hangs lopsided.  Oh yeah, and good luck getting it started during cold mornings.

My dad's car is even worse.  Its done over 300,000kms and reads 110km/hr when doing 70km/hr on the freeway.  And the lights are so dim!  Even on high beams, its just slightly  brighter than some cars with their park lights.

But I remember when we first got the 92 Toyota Corona, it was like a super luxury car coz it has power windows and central locking. Wooooow. Flaaashaaay.  

How times have changed. 

Maybe if my dad didn't use the Corona to haul mulch, maybe it would still be flaaashaay.  

And wouldn't smell so bad.

But even if I bad-mouth thesetwo cars, deep inside I really am quite attached to the rust-buckets.   So many memories, both good and bad.  

I can only be thankful that these cars have taken us to so many places safely and soundly.   They've done really well and its just a good time to move on.

Now...  if only dad will make an offer for that turbo-supercharged car...... *crosses fingers*


SK said...

Haha . .
If you want practical though Toyotas and Hondas are very reliable!

My dream car is a '96 Toyota MR2 (Bathurst). One day when I have the spare cash.

Will said...

sweet sweet MR2. love the side gills on it :P

if we only had spare cash..