Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Beauty and the Geek

I don't usually watch reality TV shows.

So for me to write about it in my blog mean I either really enjoyed it or loathed it.

Thankfully (for the sake of the 8 or so hours I spent watching this series), Beauty and the Geek (season 2) by CW TV does not disappoint.

Actually, the show was really quite entertaining! It was so good I watched the whole second season in one seating! I found myself laughing and gasping and laughing and worrying and laughing some more. I haven't been so entertained by a TV show in ages.

The premise? Take 8 super duper sexy, young, hot and not-so-academically inclined ladies. Pair them up with 8 super duper Starwars-is-life, dungeon-and-dragons-is-in-my-soul, i-am-cool-to-the-power-of-pi, intellectually but socially defunct nerds. Pass them through a series of "Survivor" style elimination until one couple remains to claim the $250,000 cash prize.

The BeautsThese girls are hot! "Goddesses" as one of the contests claimed.

I would happily procreate with any of them. Yes sireee! I think they so hot, even my girlfriend would 'do' any of them without hesitation.

Oh.. and they are missing the stuff that usually go between the ears.
But hey, with hot bodies like that - who needs a brain?

The G33ksOh my god.
What can I say. These guys look like the sun have abandoned them (except for the Indian guy)

Their pale skin map their faces of pimples. They speak in another language! I don't know if its Matlab or Pascal or Startrek.

They have very retro/odd/weird fashion and hairstyling taste.

But what they severely lack in the presentation department, they surely make up for in brain power.
The Match-up
Its really quite funny watching the guys paired with attractive ladies. The anxiety and nervousness. The stutters and the sweatiness. I think I know it all too well. I'm guessing for these guys, I have to extend these feelings to the nth power. Initially, there was awkwardness of having hot bodies within a 5-meter radius of the geeks. But the couples eventually warm up to each others' company. And then the game is played like any reality-tv show - with alliances and backstabbing and bickering and crying and even naughty encounters under the sheets!

His shirt reads "I put the bad in badminton"

There are two things I really enjoyed about this show. One was seeing the hot-sexy-beautys reduced to tears when they realise how powerless and helpless they are without their 'hotness' powers. Not that I enjoy watching women suffer. Its just nice to see them experience what the common people go through when rejected by snobby too-good-looking-to-even-look-at-you type of people. Karma.

But the best part was seeing the geeks transform from unsociable clams to calm, confident gentlemen. They discover that they should be proud of themselves and not let their insecurities turtle them up. Everyone has insecurities. Its up to each one of us to overcome this.

Any hows, I've babbled on long enough. Good show it was. Watch it if you get a chance.

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micheal said...

Actually, the show was really quite entertaining! It was so good I watched the whole second season in one seating!In other Words We can say "Beauty and the Geek" is very Sexy TV Show...I found myself laughing and gasping and laughing