Wednesday, 11 March 2009



What is it about us and doodling stuff?
I sat through a grueling three hour meeting today. 

During the meeting, I got a glimpse of what the guy next to me was doing.  

He was doodling!  He first drew a square.... which turned to 3D box... which then became the part of a sphere.  It all became very complex in the end.  Almost an optical illusion!

I turned to the other guy next to me and he was also doodling!   I think he was filling the holes in the letters P's, D's and O's of the meeting agenda.
And it wasn't just the listeners drawing stuff.  The meeting chairperson was scribbling his pen over and over arrows and ticks he's drawn on the minutes (which makes it look like he's writing notes fbut in fact he's just doodling some more!)
By the end of the meeting, everyone got little pictures tattooed all over their notes.
And when I got back to my desk, I noticed the scrap pad next to my phone.  I've drawn stars and circles and blobs and such whilst talking on the phone!

I don't know why we do this. I thought we grow out of doodling from the files and textbook scribbles in high school!  

I guess not.

Graphic novels turned movie

Saw Watchmen the other day. 
I wasn't impressed.  

It was a meh movie.  Hardly worth the Greater Union ticket vouchers we used up.   Should have saved it for the Wolverine movie.
Dr Manhattan has many talents

I heard you really have to be clued-in on the graphic novel to appreciate the movie.
I dunno. I just couldn't get excited watching it (well... except may in one scene).

Im currently very very very very very hooked watching Skip Beat.
I think its kinda geared toward girly teens - BUT I DON'T CARE!! I've done enough girly stuff recently so this doesn't' matter!

I can't wait to see how Kyoko performs in her next acting gig.  
And the over the top comedy is very funny.  

I haven't been hooked like this since the Sakura and Sasori battle in Naruto Shippuden or the races in Initial D.

Actually, I got impatient waiting for each episode to come out and be translated from Japan that I've started reading the manga.  

But yes, the anime is still heaps better.
I hope this series never ends!


SK said...

I'm guilty of scribbling during meetings! I try to draw the person talking (especially if he/she is talking about something that doesn't affect me).

Haven't seen Watchmen but have the graphic novel. The graphic novel was so acclaimed as there was another story paralleling the main story in it as well as a lot more material which I don't think could translate to the movie. It'll be worth checking out the graphic novel even if you didn't like the movie.

Love you adding some pop culture (manga / movies) to your site. :)

Angie said...

I was warned by my girlfriends not to see Watchmen because it was just really bad. 2 of them said that it was like a cartoon porno and another complained it was money and time she'd never get back. Ouch.

According to a recent study published on BBC News, doodling is good because it helps us to remember what the speaker is talking about. I always thought it was cos we were just so bored we were tuning out. :p

bingskee said...

i am guilty, your honor! one time when i attended a seminar, i was even surprised that i have drawn a sketch of a fellow attendee. well, i think it helps in a way to remember and to ease the boredom, he he

Will said...

Hi SK - im expecting the scribbling during ur meetings to be graphic novel quality! hehehe. But yeah, watchmen was hard to digest having not read the graphic novels. Those who have seem to be quite happy/impressed by the movie though.

im a huge anime fan. hahaha!

Will said...

uve got good friends angie - they warned u not to watch it. unfortunately for me my friends were all raving on about how good it is :( my friends must be weird ... (well. except maybe those who read my blog.. they're cool :P )

Doodling makes us remember what the speaker is on about? lolz usually when doodling im spacing out.

Will said...

bingskee, you've drawn a fellow attendee?! haha must have been a long long seminar.

SK said...

If you're in Sydney in July, look me up! :)

Will said...

Wow - SK! Nuffnang featured blogger of the month! awesome stuff!! :P

but will definitely keep in touch in regards to sydney recommeded places :)