Thursday, 5 March 2009

Recurring Dream

I woke up to the terrible dream today.

Every once in a while, I'll get this same themed dream. And every time I'd wake up feeling worried, anxious and stressed.

This recurring dream is always the same.

Always about an exam (some sort of mathematical exam).

In my dream I would be chatting with my friends outside the exam hall. We'd joke about how much we studied.

I would half-laugh because I haven't studied at all.

I was too busy doing something else. I thought I can just wing-it for that day.

Seated inside the hall, the guilt of having not prepared would paralyse me.
I'd be really nervous and be too worried of my impending failure.

In my last dream, I barely finished two of the 100 multiple choice questions. I didn't even bother to guess the rest.

I remember flickering the questions book and growing pale after discovering the short answer and essay questions I haven't touched (yes in my dream math exams have essays).

When the time runs out, I would rush to scribble some last minute answers.

But I know its too little too late.

After they collect my papers, I would sit there alone in the hall of desks.
I knew I've lost everything.


Depressing emo dreams aside, looking forward to playing Left 4 Dead this Monday.

Finally rounded up three friends to join the crusade against zombie hordes.

I tried playing it with randoms from the other parts of the world, but I keep on picturing fat nerdy guys so I can't really get into it.

Should be heaps fun hearing my friends scream and swear as they get overwhelmed by zombies.

I think online co-op gaming is the way to go these days. Its just so much fun!

Nothing beats friends banding together to fight a common foe.
Shotgun for zombies. Napisan for blood stains

If my Left 4 Dead company works out good, I might recruit them for Diablo 3.


SK said...

LOL . . Funny thing is that your dream is my reality. :) I don't know how many exams I just "wing" it.

So looking forward to Diablo 3. They've announced 3 of the 5 classes already. I don't want to know how many hours I've wasted on Diablo 2 and 1 . . so addictive especially multi-player! Who needs sleep when you have Diablo?

Will said...

hahah SK! so ur 'living the dream' i may say. i think i 'winged-it' once or twice in real life. i don't remember how i faired, but must have been traumatising.

Oh i wasted sooooo much time playing diablo 2. must have played it over and over and over and over looking for them stupid gold weapons hehehehe.

i tried to load diablo2 recently, but for some reason the game view made me dizzy. its will have to be diablo 3 then!

SK said...

We have to meet up on when Diablo 3 comes out! Hehe . . only gold weapons? I thought you'd be looking for the "unique" weapons.

Will said...

SK - i might actually take you up on that offer! When D3 comes out i'll definitely find ya!

Dibs on the wizard!