Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Day Spa

I was treated to an unforgettable experience this Valentines day when I joined my girlfriend to an afternoon of papering at Blush Day Spa.
The "couples package" includes an overnight stay at Duxton Hotel and limo service to Blush.
Firstly, I have to say Duxton is fantastic.  

Its everything you'd expect from a five star hotel.  It has an impressive entrance with gold-ish furnishing and trimmings.  I was giddy all morning because Anh told me we were doing valet parking!  I've never done valet before! I was already excited and this was just the parking!

It wasn't long before the limo arrived.
Superstar treatment. I like!

On the ride to Blush, it finally dawned on me that I was heading to a day spa. 
Now I have nothing against beauty spas.  I think its great that there's places for women to enjoy women's stuff like massages, manicures, salon and skin therapy stuff.  

But that's just the thing, these places are for women!  How will my manly manliness cope with all of this?
So the idea of going to one didn't really sit too well with me.  Much like the pink champagne served in the limo.
But if it means spending time with my girl, I will make the sacrifice (the things I do!)
Once we got to Blush, we were greeted by disturbingly happy people - like smiles were permanently moulded to their faces. Its a good thing, but borderlining scary.
We were asked to fill in forms about the massage and treatment we wanted.  The kitchen wanted us to fill in the form for our food afterwards. Yes food!! This may turn out quite good! 

The forms were pretty straight forward stuff, until the section which asked what skin treatment formula I used


eer.... soap? 

Then it asked what skin type I have.....



err... brown skin?

Thankfully Anh finished her forms early so I copied her answers.

We were soon greeted by two lovely and beautiful beauty therapists(?!) who led us to the massage room. They confirmed how we answered the forms and told to change and set ourselves on the massage tables.
I was really quite okay up to this point.
Then she said the words that will now forever haunt me.



Now stupid me for wearing boxer briefs that day, otherwise I could have kept my underwear. 

But because my boxer briefs cover a bit of my thigh, I had to wear this most awkward and disturbing looking underwear. 

The disposable g-string *shudder*
I was very against the g-string.  

But between wearing that and doing the full monty, I chose the lesser of two evils. 

Putting it on felt VERY WRONG!!
It did not feel right and was exposing

Probably because I wore it the wrong way around...  but still...

After adjusting it, I felt a bit more decent.  But it was still not comfortable with that 'string' riding up my crack. 

The Massage
Ok.  This may seem rude.  But one of the things I've always been afraid of having during a massage is this
I mean, someone is rubbing you and getting into VERY personal places. 
Wouldn't this happen?  And what if the masseuse was a guy!!
What do you do then?!!

Fortunately enough, my massage at Blush was robbed of sexy thoughts.

I was too busy worrying about not dying!! 
OMG!!! It was painful!!
I mean, it started off nice when she was massaging my legs.  She asked me if the pressure was okay, and it was really quite good. 
But for some god-forsaken reason, the pressure started getting firmer and harder.  

At one point I thought she was going to rip through my thighs and grab my femur. 
Oh the pain!! 

Her fingers were like nails piercing through my rib cage.
And its not as if I could say something about it.  I was getting the "Medium" massage.  And my girlfriend was getting the "Firm" massage. So I was already on a lower 'wuss' level! 
All I could hear from my girlfriends table was her stomach moaning for food. 
And me? I was silently crying in pain.

The Steam Bath
Next up was the steam bath.

Apart from reliving my past life as a boiled chicken, I really didn't know what the point of this was.
I sat there for fifteen minutes inhaling and coughing up steam.  There's not much you can do in the small confines of the steam box except meditate or drink the glass of cold iced water provided.
I amused myself by drawing happy faces on the steamy window. 

Then I started doing the Titanic steamy scenes.  

Minus Jack.

I was Rose.  

I must say, the shower afterwards felt really good though.

The Facial
Ever had that moment when someone is talking to you and you don't know what they're talking about, but you just nod in agreement?
Well I had one of those moments.
The nice beauty therapist was saying something about skin therapy, about how important it is and how I should look after my T-bones because it was oily?
I just smiled and nodded.

For the next half an hour or so, she was putting layers of stuff on my skin. 

I couldn't see what she was putting on, but I remember one smelling like eucalyptus, one like a berries and one like cheese.
I had no idea what she did but at the end of it all, my skin felt softer and nicer.  

And for some reason I was thinking about Jack in Titanic a lot.

The Afternoon Snack

The afternoon ended with the snack we previously ordered.  
The food was really nice, but I was ready to go to sleep. 

I don't know if I was super relaxed or just tired from the whole experience.

Maybe its a bit of both. 


SK said...

Wow . . that's definitely a day of pampering. I stayed 2 nights at the Duxton Perth about 3 years ago but it was for work and not quite as relaxing! Looks like you enjoyed yourself (even the "medium" massage).

Will said...

3 days at duxton! that sounds like awesome work :P Buffet breakfast was good - although the egg chef was swapped!

bingskee said...

hi, Will! sounds like a lovely day you had. i love massages but havent had experienced 5 star hotel massage services.

i am really laughing at the g string experience. really, it must be disturbing ha ha for a man to wear that stuff.

i gave an award for you on my blog. :-D

Angie said...

lol That's a very funny experience. on the plus side, I hope that on behalf of all females out there, that you know what pain and embarrassment we go through to look good for our man! Just thank God that no waxing was involved. ;)