Wednesday, 27 August 2008

M is for Melbourne

Me and the melbournian yellow taxis

Watching episodes of Fight Quest reminded me of my Melbourne trip because my girlfriend and I saw our first episode there.

We also watched quite a bit of Mythbusters and Ultimate Fighting Champion Fight Nights. It was free cable TV - what were suppose to do? waste it?

Fight nights were so addictively brutal!

But Melbourne wasn't all about lounging and watching TV.

We originally planned it easy and lazy but it turned out being exhausting with lots of walking and shopping and eating and going out.

The central train station

The Yarra River is one of my favourite things about Melbourne

Trams (and hook turns) were scary at first, but we got used to it

Oh.. before I forget...
Budget terminal in Melbourne is 'shed-like' budgetty - complete with wire fencing!

Sauerkraut anyone?

Pair of random Hawks supporters. I don't know them

Ice Lounge. 20C below zero anyone?

I love the ice glasses - except when stuck frozen to my tongue

Ice gremlin

And of course..

Lots of missing photos including Chapel Street and Crown Casino photos. They're in my girlfriend's camera.

I think my girlfriend will be keeping those photos hostage though.

She's still sooking that I bought more stuff on Chapel street than she did.

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