Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Burger Love

1) McAustralia Burger
2) Swimming at Beatty Park
3) Goodyear C Drives

There's no denying that I (heart) burgers.

I love them so much - I've gotten fat because of it (so fat that I'm investing on a Wii fit to keep my arterial flow going).

Me and my Finest Australian burger

I love burgers because they are what I call the universally complete meal.

Its a complete meal because they have protein (meat), fiber (vegetables?) and carbohydrates (bread buns) all in a nicely layered food tower.

And its universal because you eat it with your hands! Unlike other foodstuff like pasta or sushi where you need utensils like forks or knives.

Breakfast burgers from Burger King. I thought when they asked scrambled they meant just the eggs.

Double cheese means double the goodness. That's a medical fact! (last statement might be untrue)

What if you got stuck in a remote island with a bowl of noodles - how you gonna eat that?! huh?!

Burgers don't discriminate if you have forks or spoons or can hold chopsticks or not. That's why everyone can enjoy them.

The Mega Mac. Twice a Big Mac. Twice the perfection

These are but a few reasons why I spend quite a bit of my cholesterol quota on burgers.

Burgers >> Chicken Fillets

They're also quite convenient thanks to McDonald's and other burger joints littered all over the world.
If the cheese in a burger is almost translucent, there's a high chance its a 'healthy cheese'. Best to avoid.

I guess my only qualm with burgers is that they're almost always falsely advertised in fast food places.

What you see is not always you get.

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